Dan Doh!!

Dan Doh!!
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Golf, a sport where the prizes are really large. Meet Tadamichi Aoba also called Dandoh. A normal kid who's still in elementary school, he also really likes baseball. But because of a clash with his principal over golf, Dandoh switches to golf when he hears that he can earn about 30 million yen if he can win a tournament. When he was young, Dandoh lost his mother due to money problems. This is why Dandoh really wants to play golf, so he can bring his mother back. Under the guidance of a famous ex golfer, Dandoh aims for one thing... To master golf and win a championship so that he can bring his mother back. Whatch his golfing trials and tribulations as he climbs up the golf rankings! Based on the manga by Sakata Nobuhiro and Banjo Daichi.

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Date Added: Jun 26, 2012

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