Deltora Quest

Deltora Quest

The Shadow Lord, a demon from the Shadowlands, has taken over Deltora by destroying a magical object known as the Belt of Deltora, which is Deltora's only protection against him. Throughout the course of the anime, Lief, Barda and Jasmine travel around the land of Deltora to return the seven gems (the Diamond, the Emerald, the Lapis Lazuli, the Topaz, the Opal, the Ruby and the Amethyst, which also stands for Deltora hence the name Deltora Quest) to the belt and save the land. Their first destination is the Forests of Silence. After destroying the guardian Gorl, they find the Topaz and continue to the Lake of Tears. Along the way, they meet Manus and with his help defeat the sorceress Thaegan's two children, Jin and Jod. Eventually, they fight with Thaegan and retrieve the Ruby. Thaegan is defeated when Jasmine's raven, Kree, creates a cut in her finger, causing her to lose blood. Since Thaegan is witch, she instantly dies as a result of it. The trio are then trapped by Thaegan's leftover eleven children but manage to fool them and run away. They visit Tom's mysterious shop and buy goods. Later on they manage to reach the Rat City. Lief, Barda and Jasmine get the Opal and enter the deathly Rithmere Championships, win and are captured. With the help of the scar-faced man, Doom, they manage to escape and reach the Shifting Sands, where they obtain the Lapis Lazulli. Thaegan is reborn with her eleven children from Flanwass's bags and the three manage to defeat them again.They travel to Dread Mountain, passing through Gellick with the help of the Kins. They go on the River Queen, but end up finding out that a few of the passengers were Ols. They go into the Maze of the Beast and are able to find the amethyst, escaping the slug-like Glus. Thaegan returns and is defeated with twelve of her children, Ichabod injured. They meet Orcas and escape him. They rescue Dain and find Tora. Then they journey to the Valley of the Lost and defeat the guardian but Neridah who stole the diamond was captured by Orcas who they defeat. After a series of epic battles on the way to Del and in Del the Shadow Lord is defeated.

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