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(my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~! [Updated 2/1/10]
« on: September 07, 2009, 10:29:04 am »
This is another fanstory I have been writing, I hope you enjoy it, it came to me in a dream and i've been working off of that.

you can also find this story and its few fanart images here T.U.F.

Chapter one-amnesia
Chapter Two- WHATS GOING ON?!
Chapter Three-Danger lurks around every corner
Chapter Four-Even more trouble
Chapter Five- New Guy?
Chapter Six- Shocked and worried
Chapter seven- good-bye so soon?
Chapter eight- Hollow fields
Chapter nine-Surprise!
Chapter 10-Come back to us
Chapter 11- Love spell trouble
Chapter 12- More kisses, more trouble
Chapter 14- Reunion
Chapter 15- Welcome
Chapter 16- Masqurade ball
chapter 17- Miss Bunny?
chapter 18- Tea party madness
chapter 19- I'm so confussed
chapter 20- Trial
chapter 21- Don't forget
chapter 22- I'll see you again, someday...
chapter 23- Queen of darkness
chapter 24- What??
chapter 25- First day on the job
chapter 26- Tragety Strikes
chapter 27- Kisshu my love, I'll kill for you!
chapter 28- Heres the plan
chapter 29- Plan Backfired
chapter 30- Operation getting ready
Chapter 31- where are you hiding?
chapter 32- everyones out to get you
chapter 33- Gotcha! try and escape now!
chapter 34- why won't he kill me??
chapter 35- you are now a host
chapter 36- welcome to the team
chapter 37- new monster?
chapter 38- new surprizes
chapter 39- boring filler
[[PAGE TWO~>]]

I am still currently writing this story,so if you wish to comment,the first person to make a comment thread on this subject,send me the link to the thread and I will add it to this first post ;D

And the anime/manga in the story are::
ouran highschool host club
Absolute boyfriend
Tokyo Mewmew
howl's moving castle
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2009, 10:33:09 am »

Chapter one amnesia

i woke up on a bed and like 3 feet away from me sleeping on both sides were hikouru and kouru, i got up and went into the hallway, walked to the window and saw this huge back yard, one of the twins came up behind me and said "they brought breakfast to our room"
i think "oh my god you scared me"
he said "oh sorry did i scare you"
we went back to the bed room the other twin was waiting for us
the twin that was with me said "found her"
we started eating, when we finished I asked "i have 2 questions"
the twins go "and what are they"
me"where am I and who are you?"
the twins are shocked that i dont remember then they go "do you have a fever or something" one of them feals me head "nope"
"are you messing around with us?"
i shake my head no
they were like "what are we going to do, lynn forgot us"
"ok lynn, we are at our house, I'm hikouru and this is kouru"
i say "wait a minute did you just say my name was lynn?"
i ask "do we have school today?"
kouru "no why?"
"because I don't remember any of my classes or what the school looks like"
hikouru "that means she doesnt remember where her house is either"
kouru "well, we are going to school tomarrow"
hikouru "we should call kyoya he would no what to do"
me "uh guys?"
both together "what?"
me"why was i sleeping on 2 beds put together?"
hikouru "thats it, i'm calling"
he picks up the phone and dials the number.
hikouru "kyoya, we have a bit of a problem here"
kyoya "and that is, it better be good to have woke me up this morning"
hikouru "lynn forgot who she is and who we are and everything"
kyoya "ill be over later this afternoon in the mean time, try to have fun jogging her memory back"
he hung up the phone
lynn (toru_moto) starts thinking about what she remembers

ok so last I remember I was reading ouran high school host club on the computer the I went to I dreaming??

she pinches herself
"nope I'm not dreaming"

the twins "huh?"
kouru "what do you mean by dreaming??"

lynn "well, last I remember, I was on the computer, then I went upstairs to go to bed, and now I'm here"
hikouru puts his hand on my head "Who are you and what have you done with lynn??"
lynn "well, hikouru, I really am lynn, it's just that I've actually have never been here. if I have, that me was an imposter or just someone getting you ready to meet the real me"

the twins "huh?"
hikouru "well, she must be the real lynn,only lynn can tell us apart"

lynn "huh? what about haruhi??"

the twins "who??"

lynn "oh my gawd, she doesn't exist...that means... hey guys how did I meet you??"

hikouru "thats simple really, you are the only one with out a family, milord found out through the host club"
kouru "and decided that we ought to take you in."

lynn "oh...well, now that I'm here, and I have nothing better to guys wanna go do something fun today??"

the twins "Sure"
hikouru "but where should we go??"
lynn "any where is fine with me"
kouru "the ocean?"
hikouru "the amizon?"
lynn "how about your back yard?? we could play with water guns and swim in the pool"
the twins "ok"
"wait...we have a pool??"
they run to the window at the end of the hall
"oh my god we have a pool, how could we forget that its there??"
lynn "guys?"
she is still at the door to their room
the twins "huh?"
lynn "won't I need a bathing suit and someplace to change??"
the twins look at each other
thinking "ugh we are going to have to show her where everything is in the house again"
hikouru "wel, for now you can use the bath room across from our room"
kouru "its right in front of you"
hikouru"we'll need to pick out a bathing suit too"

the weekend went by, they had fun in the pool.So on to the next chapter we go!

Chapter Two : Whats going on??

the guys were all freaking out that lynn was missing, lynn was sleeping in a tree...
when she got down, they found her and were worried as hell
hikouru "that not like you"
lynn "like me to do what?"
kouru "you never run off on your own with out telling everyone first"
lynn "did i worry you?"
both of em "yes!"
((btw shes now sitting in a chair in the host club))
lynn "you shouldn't worry about me, hosts can't have girls friends or itll disapoint your costemers. well...IM GOING TO GO PLAY WITH NEKOZAWA! SEE YA!"
she gets up and start walking, they both grab her arm
"this isnt like you, you lost your memmory,you don't tell us where your going-"
lynn whining "but i just told you where i was going"

both of them "and what do you mean by playing with nekozawa??"
lynn "ya, play with dolls and curses and stuff"
both of them think why does she remember who nekozawa is over us??
lynn "see you later kouru, hikouru" starts to pass everyone else "by by tamaki sempi,kyoya,honey kun, mori kun, wel, i better get going"
they all gather in a group "this isnt like her at all...."
the twins "how come she rememberd you guys and not us?"
kyoya "it simple, because at first she was trying to figure out her situation, if she was wth any of us she would have asked who we were to try to remember something"
the twins "oh..."
kyoya "get back to work"
lynn looking for nekozawa "nekozawa there you are!" she runs to him
"hi ya nekozawa!"
nekozawa "ah lynn, do you want to buy some voodoo dolls?"
lyn puts her finger over her lips,closes one eye, and whispers "I've got a proposition for you"
nekozawa "Oh, well then lets take a step into my office"
they walk to the black magic club, when they get inside,all of the memcers of the club were doing something odd like reading spells and stuff.. nekozawa and lynn go to a table near the back of the room

nekozawa "now whats that proposition you had in mind?"
lynn"I have this here book of spells, they actualy work, but they come with a price"
nekozawa " have caught my intrest, how much do you want for it?"
lynn "well, you must understand the price that each spell has as an effect"
nekozawa "go on..."
lynn "for every spell you use, depending on if its used for good or bad,will hurt you"
nekozawa "uh huh...and how will it hurt me?"
lynn"well, if you use a good spell, something good will hapen to you three times, most likely all different things, same with a bad spell"
nekozawa "so if i use a bad spell, something bad will happen to me 3 times"
lynn "exactly"
nekozawa "uh how much do you want for it?"
lynn "i'm not selling it to you"
nekozawa "then what was the point of telling me this?""
lynn "please let me finish.....well, I have a secret that I'm only going to share with you and your black magic club"
nekzawa "yes and that is?"
lynn "you must swear to keep it a secret and as a cover up we will have to pretend to play with the voodoo dolls"
nekozawa "does everyone understand? we must keep this an absolute secret!"
the club members "yes sir!"
lynn stands up "here is my secret for you."
the door locks by itsself, lynn throws down a smoke bomb that makes smoke around her for effect, she then had a witch hat and outfit on
nekozawa "what a surprize, I didnt expect that one'
lynn "well, how do you think I obtained this book, I am a witch after all. well, Ill be dropping by occasionally, because noone else knows about this and I like hanging around your club"
nekozawa "fair enough, I will take the book in exchange for keeping your secret safe milady"
lynn "thank you-"
they hear banging at the door everyone became silent
voice at the door "LYNN ARE YOU IN THERE?!?!"
lyn "oh no, thats the host club"
lynn sat on the floor and looked like a student again, nekozawa picked up some voodoo dolls, threw some on the ground, kept one in his hand and went to answer the door, he unlocked it and kouru,hikuoru,and tamaki fell.
hunny jumped over the fallen host club members nd rushed over to lynn
hunny "Hello lynn, are you ok? your on the ground"
lynn "oh hello hunny kun, I was just playing voodoo dolls with nekozawa is all"
hunny "this place is scary, can we leave now?"
lynn "sure"
hunny grabs her hand she stands up and they walk out of there.
lynn "see you later nekozawa"
nekozawa "indeed"

lynn "kyoya, why are you all here, what about the host club?"
kyoya "they were all worried about you, and the host club has already ended for the day"
lynn "i've been gone that long?"
hunny "yup!"
lynn looks at the fallen host club members "oh I'm so sorry I made you worry"
the guys get up off of the ground.
kouru and hikouru "lynn-"
lynn "well I'd better be going, now that school is over for the day"
lyn turns and starts walking
kouru and hikouru run after her and they both grab one of her arms
both of them "lynn.....why have you been ignoring us?"
lynn is shocked to here that
lynn " not trying too..."
both twins "Prove it"
lynn "I was going to ask nekozawa if we could all go to his beach this weekend" she was looking at the ground.
"it was going to be a surprize..."
both twins let go over her shocked at what they are hearing
she starts running away the twins deep in thought thinking what have we done?

Chapter three : Danger lurks around every corner

Lynn didnt want to talk to the twins or the host club after what happened the day she tried her hardest to ignore them by staying as far away from them as possible...which is kind of hard during school she was walking out the main door to the school when.....

WHOOSH! hikouru and kouru abducted her, put her in the limo and away the host club, with some guests, went.

lynn "whats going on?"
she is sitting next to kyoya since there are about 12 chost club costomers there too.
kyoya "well, the twins felt bad about yesterday and figured that you were ging to try to ignore them today"
lynn "they got that right, and?"
kyoya "they begged and pleaded for me to arrange a day where we could al go to the beach"
lynn "let me guess, the catch was that they still had to entertain the costomers"
kyoya "you guessed it"
lynn "great..." nekozawa's beach

lynn decided to sit by kyoya and watch everyone since she knew she still had questions for him
lynn " this is nekozawa's beach?"
kyoya "precisly"
lynn "I might as well go and enjoy myself"

she gets up and starts walking to the cat shaped cliff. the twins see her and run over to her
the twins "Hey Lynn!! Come join us!!"
she turns around, they just caught up to her
the twins "are you still mad at us?"
lynn "I don't know what to say, you guys are always trying to fix things by taking over"
kouru "are you going over to that big scary cat looking cliff?"
lynn "I was, why?"
hikouru "well, it looks pretty dangerous, someone should go with you"
lynn "I'm fine, I can handle myself. "

a group of what looks like jelous looking fans came over
what looks like the leader "we'll go with you lynn"
lyn "great! We can collct shells to make a sand castle!"
lyn and the four of them start heading over to the clliff
lynn "see you later!! don't get distracted from your work!!"
they get to the foot of the cliff ((the bottem of it where there is still sand))
lynn "well kirimika, I know you guys wouldnt come unless you had a reason"
she said as they walked over the mouth to the other side where the shells are
kirimika the leader "we don't think you should be spending any more time with the host club"
lynn "you probably cant tel, but I'm trying to get away from them for you, but they keep following me like lost dogs"
she picks up some shells and puts them in her bucket
kirimika "You'd better try harder"
lynn "it would be easier if you spent more time with them"
kirimika was disgusted "hmph...lets go girls "
they start walking over the cliff to get back to the others but were stopped by 2 strong looking guys
kirimika "Out of the way, we need to get to the other side"
guy1 "what do we have here?"
guy2 "looks like some fine looking ladies"
guy1 "how would you ladies like to come back to our place ad hang for a while?"

the girls run back dwn to lynn, but instead of going to lynn, they went over the mouth to get to the other side
the guys cornered them, one followed them, the other came from the othr side.

kirimika "leave us alone"
guy2 "oh come on, we're nly gonna have a little fun"
lynn comes up to where everyone is in the mouth of the cat looking cliff
lynn"You pests leave those defenseless girls alone"
guy1 "well look whos talking"
lynn walks over to kirimika and the others and whispers to them "you guys go and get the hosts, but one of you will need to stay, so that we can distract while you go get help, ok?"
kirimika "how about we all go and leave you behind to distract them?"
the girls run back to the hosts leaving lynn behind saying "wait-"

guy1 "Looks like we got ourselves some bait"
guy2 "yea"
guy1 "I'll have at her first while you guard, then we switch"
guy2 "gotcha"

lynn thinking oh gawd what have I gotten myself into..

guy1 started walking twards her, she started walking backwards into the cave, but tripped on a rock and fell on her but.guy1got closer then knelt down getting his face closer to her, he held her hands down so that she couldnt escape, she leaned backwards s that her face would get away from his, but she found herself laying on the ground,
guy1 "Looks like I'm gonna have me some fun"
he tries to kiss her, but she keeps moving her head so that he cant.

meanwhile..... the girls come running back to the hosts
kirimika "did we miss any thing?"
kouru notaces that lynn isnt with them
kouru "wheres lynn??"
kirimika "shes coming"
they start walking over to the volly ball net when they hear lynn scream.
hikouru and kouru "lynn!"
all of the hosts think her name but the twins actualy said it.
tamaki "kirimika, what happened back there?"
the all of the hosts except tamaki were running to the cliff
kirimika "what are you talking about, she said she was right behind us"
one of her followers got scared and blurted out "there were these 2 strange guys, lynn told us to come get you guys for back up, but we ditched her instead!"
tamaki started running.
tamaki "girls stay here for your own safty!"

when the hosts got there...
there was guy1 on top of lynn pinning her to the ground, kissing her....and guy2 was ready to fight. hunny and mori took care of guy2, kyoya just watching taking notes,tamaki still running, kouru and hikouru standing above the guy1
twins "what do you think your doing?"
guy1 stops kissing her "what ever I want to"
they pick him up and say "Your gonna wish you never did that"
they started beating the crap out of him.
lynn still sort of shocked is sitting up wiping her mouth.
she thinks 'its a good think I didnt use my powers, but if I had, i might have been found out'
nekozawa appears out of what seems like no where,
nekozawa "Here let me help you up"
he helps lynn up.
lyn "thank you nekozawa"
everyone too busy to notace.
nekozawa "how about we head up to the house, I know a short cut"
lynn "ok"
they start walking further into the cave.
near the back of the cave, nekozawa opened the wall, they both went inside of it, he closed the wall,took the candles and they started walking up the pathway.

mean while at mouth of the cave....
tamaki just getting there
tamaki "uh, guys, where did lynn go??"
they stop beating the crap out of the guys
kyoya "you just missed her, nekozawa took her to the house"
the twins "WHAT?!?!"

End chapters1-3
next set of chapters 4-6


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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2009, 10:38:36 am »
Chapter four : Even more trouble

inside nekozawa's vacation house....nekozawa and lynn were playing a terrifying board game.
the hosts came inside to find nekozawa and lynn playing a scary board game.
Lynn "where are the costomers?"
kyoya "they are staying at a nearby hotel that my father owns"'
Lynn "than I 'd better get going"
twins "eh??"
Tamaki "let her go to the hotel twins"
Twins "why should we?? We were only doing this to get closer to her"
Tamaki "because, that mess back there was caused because some of your jelous costomers ditched her when she told half of them to come get us for back up. If she hadn't screamed, we probably would never see her again"
Kyoya "well said Tamaki, I couldn't have said it better myself"
Tamaki "thank you kyoya"
honey walks over to lynn "what are you playing?"
lynn "well, its actually a funny game, it predicts whats going to hapen to you"
honey "that sounds scary"
nekozawa "it says i'm going to be struck by lightning so I'm going to bed now"
he gets up and walks into the hall.
Lynn stands up "Kyoya do you have a vehicle ready to take me to the hotel??"
Kyoya "All of my limo drivers have retired for the night..."
Lynn "it's to risky to call a cab"
nekozawa's butler "I can take you there in master nekozawa's limo"
all of the hosts jumped except for kyoya and of corse lynn who isnt a host.
kyoya "very well"
kyoya starts talking to the butler about which hotel.
kouru "Lynn I am sorry about today"
Lynn "its ok kouru, there is no need to apologize"
tamaki " can you tell them apart lynn??"
Lynn "well-"
hikouru "shes always been able to tell us apart you oaf"
honey "Lynn, how do you tell them apart?"
Lynn "well..." she puts her finger over her lips and closes one eye "That is a secret"
honey "awww but you can tell me can't you??"
Lynn "nope sorry hunny-kun"
Kyoya "Lynn go with the butler to the Limo where you will be taken to the hotel"
Twins "we wanna come too"
Kyoya "I don't think thats a good Idea"
Mori "The host club will only be able to see Lynn secretly like romeo and juliet"

Lynn was taken to the hotel, when she got to the room that all of the costomers we're staying in, she was crouded.
Lynn "I just played a board game with nekozawa until the hosts came, then I came here, I swear!"
Kirimika "Oh really"
Lynn "ask them yourself, they'll tell you the same thing"
night passed, the next morning, they headed back to Ouran high.

Chapter Five : New guy?

its been two days since they went to the beach, not saying that today isn't the second day cuz it is.
Home room of lynn,hikouru,and kouru.
teacher "we have a new student today. Tashi, knight" ((in japan, last name is said before first))
A boy with brown hair, pale skin,green eyes, and is taller than lynn by like 3 inches.handsome as all get out, walks into the class, all of the girls go googly eyes over him.

one of the girls "oooo, tashi-kun, you can sit by me!"
knight "please you don't have to be so formal, call me knight"
the girls are all ahhh and oohh ((not oo and ah, like fainting))

Teacher "please sit behind miss moto, miss moto please raise your hand"
all of the girls raise their hand, just as lynn was about to raise her hand when the twins stopped her.

the teacher whispered to knight that lynn was the only one with her hand down.
knight walks over to lynn's desk.
knight "you must be Miss Moto"
Lynn "that I am"
the twins are getting furious as they watch knight flirt with lynn.
Lynn "But you can call me Lynn"
knight takes a seat behind lynn.
knight "well Lynn, you may call me prince"

now the twins were so mad that they could rip a phone book in half.

ok, time flies, classes ended and back to clubs are we!
Lynn was walking to the host club, knight walked up to her
knight "how did I do?"
lynn "wonderful"

when they get to the host club,al of the costomers were surprized to see knight.

Lynn "Prince, you stay right here, I have to talk to kyoya"
knight "ok"
so he stands at the door, waiting, all of the girls have their eyes on him.

lynn walks over to kyoya
Lynn "kyoya, I'll be busy for the rest of the evening, can you make sure that the host club doesn't bother me?"
Kyoya "what do I get out of this?"
Lynn "hmmm...hows 1000 yen?"
Kyoya "deal"

the rest of the hosts are questioning knight
Kaouru and Hikouru "what are you to lynn?"
tamaki "why are you here?"
Hunny "do you want some cake??"

Lynn just finished talkin o kyoya and sees the hosts pesturing knight, she freaks,then walks over just a little bit mad, grabs knight's arm
lynn "lets go prince"
the twins "where are they going?"
kyoya "you guys still have costomers"
they all go back to their posts.

Lynn and knight go back to her place
Lynn "ugh, that was the toughest day ever!"
"tomarrow is gonna be hell because of what just happened"
knight "I think you have been working too hard"
he gives her an ice tea
Lynn "thank you....I could have made you with some spells , but then you wouldnt be perfect, I'm so glad to have bumped into that guy from the future"
knight standing behind her, she is sitting on a chair, he puts his arms around her.
knight "I'm glad to have met you girl friend..."

Chapter Six : Shocked and Worried

Knight and lynn went ouside to the backyard of her house mansion what ever.
Knight put down the sheet and lynn put the basket down. Lynn "this is such a lovely day for a picknick"

mori "the host club has finally come to an end for the day"
the twins,tamaki,and hunny are runing down the hall, kyoya is after them trying to get them to stop. and now you know how they ended up in lynn's backyard, hiding in one of the trees....

kouru and hikouru are thinking "that lucky basterd getting to eat lynn's cooking before we do"

Lynn "the potatoe salad you made is delicious"
Knight "it's not as good as the deviled eggs you made"
lynn blushes "thank you for the compliment "
knight has some grapes "go auhhhh"
lynn "auhhhhh" he plops a grape in her mouth
lyn "delicious"

the twin's jaws drop.

Lynn "now my turn!" she takes a grape and puts it in his mouth
he eats it.
knight "yum yum yum yum yum"
they start laughing.
he lays down and puts his head in her lap.
lynn "lovelly scenery"
knight "not as lovely as you are"
she looks at him, he lifts his head and kisses her
knight "i love you"

the twins getting furious, tamai and hunny 's jaws dropped and kyoya worrying about his money.
the twins we about to jump down but kyoya stopeed them, but that made the branch shake

knight "hold on a second, it looks like we have company"
lynn "so, you notaced too"
knight got up and walked over to the tree that the hosts were in
knight "we know your there, you might as well come out"

they were all shocked thinking "how did they know?!"
tamai jumped down "okay okay, you caught us"
then hunny jumped down and ran to lynn
hunny "Lynn I'm sorry, but we were worried about you"
then hikouru and kouru jumped down at the same time. they were really jelous, so they turned so that they couldn't face her.
kyoya jumped down and said "I tried to stop them, but they wouldn't listen.. that was quite a show you put on for us back there."

Lynn "you know this means your not getting paid kyoya"
kyoya "i know"
tamaki,the twins, and hunny say "what?!"
hunny "were you going to pay him to keep us away??"
lynn "you got it"
kouru and hikouru turn to face her "you were keeping us away from you so that you could secretly go out with the new guy?! Did you ever consider our feelings?!'
Lynn "did you guys ever consider my feelings?! no! I was getting beat up and ditched by those crazy fan girls!!And besides, prince isn't new to me! i've known him for a long time!!"
lynn starts crying, knight goes over and puts his arms around lyn so that she can cry on him
knight "what is wrong with you guys, making a girl cry, a real gentleman would never do that!"
"come on lynn, lets go inside"
the twins "it feels like we've been dumped"
kyoya "you were never going out with her in the first place"
hunny starts crying "what have we done?"
tamaki "We arn't real gentlemen, we made her cry"
kyoya "and it doesn't look like you'll be seeing her ever again"
tamaki,twins,and huny "ehh??"
kyoya "she's transferring out of ouran high"

their jaws drop

kyoya "both her and tashi are transferring"

the twins are thinking "what have we done"

End chapters 4-6
next chapters are 7-9


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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2009, 10:41:41 am »
Chapter 7 : good-bye so soon??

at school the next morning
one of the girls in the twin's class "No way! knight-kun is transferring?! but he just got here!!'
Kouru "yea"
Hikouru "and the worst part is..."
the girls and guys get closer
hikouru "Lynn is also transferring"
one of the girls "we always new she was a hor!"
a different girl "lets get her!"
all of the class "YEA!"
kouru "wait!"
the class "huh?"
kouru "Lynn isn't the enemy here"
Hikouru "tashi is"
one of the girls "but how is knight-kun the bad guy here"
kouru "he obviously has Lynn under some sort of spell"
hikouru "which he got from the black magic club no doubt'
one of the guys "that fiend!"
one of the girls "how dare he!"
one of the guys "Lets get him!!"
the entire class starts leaving the class room, except the twins who stay behind for a bit
Kouru "Operation stop lynn from transferring is in process"
Hikouru "Lets go"
they leave the class room.
everyone together infront of knight and lynn who are walking to class together.
one of the guys "We know what your up to tashi!"
class "yea!"
another guy "We are here to foil your devious plot to capture Lynn!"
class "yea!"
knight "huh?"
Lynn getting frustrated "What the hell is going on here?!?!?!?!?!"
one of the girls "Lynn, you just cannot leave this school!"
one of the guys "Yea! cuz its just a plot made by tashi to get you!"
Lynn "and who told you that load of bull?!" is realy mad now
the class "Hikouru and kouru"
Lynn "those jerks, eh?!"
then the twins come and go through the class to the front
the twins "LYNN! YOUR OK!"
Lynn "waddaya mean ok!?!"
she hits them both on the head
Lyn started to cry then turned and started running
knight "Lynn wait!"
he starts running after her.
the twins "we've done it again..."
hikouru "looks like its time for plan B"
Kouru "OK everyone! lets get back to class! theres nothing to see here!"
everyone goes back to class.
club activities....
Lynn "kyoya, I'm bumping the transferring to tomarrow, I cant stand these attempts made by the twins"
Kyoya "ok..I'll let them know"
Lynn "well I have to go, I have things to pack"
Kyoya "but isnt the school your going to have everything you need already?"
Lynn "yea, but there are some extra things I want to bring"
Kyoya " do realize that they are robably going to try to bust you out of that schol and bring you back"
Lynn "I know, they will also follow me to the ends of the earth just to bring me back, but when its too late, they'll want to stop followin me, but they won't have any choice but to"
Kyoya "Maybe I should reconsider telling them, It'll just be trouble for me if they do that"
Lyn "good job, I have to go now, so bye bye kyoya"

Chapter 8 : Hollowfields

its been about a week since lynn started to go to this new school called hollow fields. she has made a total of one friend (his name is ichi, please read kamichama karin meets hollow fields on so you will know who he is), knight is still with her and comes to her room everything to talk with her and study before he goes back to his room to sleep.

Lynn goes to the principal's office
Lynn "miss weaver, If you dare try to take me or my knight-kun here to detention, I have the power to tear your school apart"

Miss Weaver "do you have anything to back up that little thret my dear?"
Lynn "My friend knight-kun is a robot so there is no need for you to bother him, he is mine. I am also a Witch, I have the power to do anything."

stinch comes up behind lynn, lynn grabs his arm turning him to dust.
Lynn "there's your make me angry the whole school goes poof, same with the windmill"

Miss Weaver "understood."
Lynn takes out a broom and makes it fly, both her and knight get on it.they leave the room super fast, then get off of it when they got half way down the hall to the principal's office and started walking to class.

that night, the host club decided they were too worried about lynn for beinggone for a week and they need to go get her back.

knight sat behind lyn and put his arms around her "it looks like its time for me to go back to my dorm"
knight kisses her on the cheek then gathers up his stuff for studying. Lynn basically glomped him, but he doesnt fall down
Lynn "ill see you in the morning ok?"
knight puts his hand on her hand (which is on his shoulder) "I wish we could have more alone time"
Lynn " I know, you tend to say that alot"
knight "well, I cant help it, because its true"
he lets go of her hand and leaves the room.

the next day, with the hosts...

Hikouru "kyoya, are you sure you know where we are going, because i feel lie we are lost"
Kyoya "no idea, this place is supposed to be in the middle of this forest somewhere"
Honey-sempai who is sitting on mori's shoulders says "hey, I see something, but it looks scary"
the twins "what is it honey-sempai?"
honey sempai "its a giant building with smoke coming from it"
he points in the direction that he sees the building "that way" they all start running then come to an entrance, with a rock bridge to a building, surrounded by a deep trench with nothing in it, like an empty moat.They cross the ricketly old rock bridge, an go inside.
Hikouru-"this looks like an abandoned factory, I think this is the wrong place"
honey"whats this list on the wall?- cross species, transplantainion, live taxidermy..."
kouru "maybe it was an old hospital?"
kyoya "nope, I dont think it is, it sounds like scientist stuff"
A giant metal sphere comes down from the ceiling "Halt, Intruders!"
twins "what?"
giant metal sphere"this estate is private property! trespassers will be removed by force!"
tamaki "we are just looking for a school thats supposedly in this forest somewhere"
giant metal sphere "school? what busniess do you have with the school?"
hikouru "we need to find Lynn! and try to make her change her mind!"
giant metal sphere "I'm sorry but noone can visit Mademoiselle moto, this is private property, please leave at once or we'll remove you by force"
kouru "wait, is this the school? is that how you know lynn?!"
giant metal sphere "I am sorry you know too much, in order to keep our secrets safe we must kill you"
hikouru" what?! we just want to see lynn!! why would you need to kill us?!"
kyoya "kill us and my army will come in an instant to take down this institution, and you wouldnt want that now would you"
giant metal sphere"who are you?"
kyoya "I am kyoya otoori, and what ever secrets you may have I am not intrested in them unless itll me make me money, which I doubt that because I dont work on the black market"
giant metal sphere "what is your relationship with madem moto?"
the twins "we are her boyfriends!"
giant metal sphere "all of you are her boyfriends?"
tamaki "just the twins are,the rest of us are just friends"
giant metal sphere "*sigh* I guess I must let you in on the sake of the school, as long as it keeps miss moto from being angry"
the hosts "?"
a maid comes out of the metal sphere "I am miss notch, I am the maid at this school, I will show you to her room, but you mustn't leave there without permission!"
she turns and starts leading the way "this way please"
kyoya "your not human"
miss notch "I'm sorry I cannot talk to you about that, that is confidential"
he could tell she wasnt human by the steam hole in her back. the gears in the wall open up, showing a large rom with tons of halls and stair ways, it almost looked like an apartment building.
the hosts "wow"
all of the students are murmering about the handsome hosts.
the maid leads them to an elevator.
kouru "doesnt this elevator seem kinda old?"
honey "what if it falls?!"
they go up in the elevator with no harm and make it down the hal and to a rooom.
miss notch "well, heres her room, please do not leave it, she will be here after class to prepare for dinner"
the hosts enter her room and sit around....waiting

Chapter 9: Surprise!

On the way to her dorm...
Lynn "*yawn* today was very exhasting"
prince (knight) "here, I'll carry you to your room so that you don't have to walk anymore"
he sweeps her off her feet and carrys her to the elevator.
Lynn"aww, your so sweet", she rubs up against him.
Prince "here, you should rest when we get to your room, after you take a nap, we can take a bath together"
Lynn "what about dinner?"
Prince "I'll go pick it up from the dinning hall"
Lynn" aww, your so sweet."
they get to her room.
prince "I'll stay with you to keep you safe"
he says as he opens the door.
prince and lyn are shocked to find the host club lounging in her room.O.o
tamaki thinks "maybe we came at a wrong time"
kyoya thinks "oh great..."
the twins "What in the worlds going on here?!" they stomp over to the door
Lynn "Thats what I should be saying! What the hell are you all doing in my room?! AND AT THIS SCHOOL AT THAT!"
prince walks right between the twins, still carrying lynn. he brings her to her bed and lays her down.
Prince "Lynn is supposed to be taking her nap now, please leave"
hikouru "no. we arent leaving until she says shes coming back to ouran high with us!"
Prince "fine, I'll just have to take matters into my own hands" he pushes all of them to the door.
Lynn "it wouldn't be wise to let them roam the halls alone..."
Prince "all right then. "he pushes them into the enormous bathroom and closes the door.
Prince "if you come out and disterb Lynn's nap, then we will have miss notch and stinch drag you out from once you came"
kouru "aww man"
the host club is now in the bathroom..

hikouru trying to see out the bottom of the door, watching knight/prince walk away.he watches his feet go over to the bed, then lift and never come back down.
Hikouru's eyes widen "What the hell! She's OURs!!, Only me and kouru can sleep in the same bed as her!"
the rest of the members eyes widen.
honey "that can't be right, are yu sure thats what you saw?"
hikouru and kouru open the door just a crack and peer out into lynn's room. they see lyn sleeping under the covers and knight laying beside her on top of the covers. on his side facing lynn. Hikouru gets furious and opens the door.
hikouru "What the hell! get out of her bed! you don't belong there!"
knight "At least I'm not a peeping tom"
hikouru walks over, furious to the other side of the bed and picks up lynn. "come on we're getting out of here"
kouru "hikouru wait up!" he says as hikouru starts walking twords the door
knight stops him from opening the door to the hall
hikouru "out of my way"
knight "no, you leave my girlfriend alone. if she wants nothing to do with you-"
Lyn opens her eyes just a lil bit, cutting knight off saying "h-hikouru?"
hikouru "I'm right here"
knight "h-how did you know it was him?"
Lynn "it smells like hikouru" she says sleepily...rubbing her head against him...
hikouru starts blushing, "here, lets go back to ouran high"
lynn "not right now, I havn't had dinner yet, maybe tomarrow" she said sleepily..
knight "lynn..."
lynn "p-prince?"
she rubs her eyes "I had the strangest dream"
she opens her eyes and sees that hikouru's holding her not knight.
she looks back and forth between the two of them, kinda clueless for the moment. "eh?"
"i-it wasnt a dream?"
hikouru "good morning sunshine"
lynn "put me down"
he lets her stand up.
Lynn "prince, draw me my bath, looks like I'll have to talk to our guests"
knight goes into the bathroom and starts doing as she says, the host club who are now in her rom and out of the bathroom,
lynn "*sigh* you woke me from my nap"
hikouru hugs her, putting his head on her shoulder "I miss much"
Lynn hugs him back "its okay, please don't cry"
hikouru "no, its not okay, nothing will be alright until you come back!"
knight "your bath is ready" he says as he walks into the room, then he sees hikouru hugging lynn.
"get off of my girlfriend!"
hes furious, and stomps over to them.
lynn "prince"
"prince, please don;t be mad"
knight "we have a bath to take.....TOGETHER..... so, come on lets go"
lynn "hikouru, please get off of me"
hikouru "no, not until you- wait... together?! your not taking a bath with him!!! that was our special thing together!! just you me and kouru!!!"
hikouru starts getting angry, tamaki's sorta in shock to hear something like that, kouru tries tomake hikouru calmdown,but failing horribly.
prince/knight comes over and tears hikouru off of lynn, takes her by the hand and pulls her to the bathroom. hikouru grabs her other and and now they're at a tug of war over the subject.

Lynn-"Thats It! I'm going to take my bath now, ALONE!!"
she yanks her arms out of their hands, goes into the bathroom and slams the door shut. She can hear them arguing, as she gets undressed and then starts to bathe.
She plays with the bubbles for a lil bit, thinking to herself-
" *sigh* All they do is argue, what am I going to do? They can't stay here......and I can't go back with them, I'll get mauled by those fans..."
she washes her hair and finishes her bath quickly. Wrapps herself in a towl, her long blonde hair still wet and hanging there, waiting to be dried, she opens the door just a smidge to see whats going on in there.

she sees prince and hikouru fighting, kouru on hikouru's side, honey running around, kyouya and tamaki talking and mori watching honey. she sighs.

A hand taps her on the shoulder from behind.....

END chapter 7-9
next set 10-12
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 10 ~ Come back to us.

A hand taps her on the shoulder from behind.....She looks at the hand and for just a split second she screams. she turns, her back against the door, shes now facing her mysterious guest whom had appeared out of nowhere.

Its a man, about her age and a little bit taller, he has pointy ears like an elf, green hair, and brown clothing (if any of you have watched tokyo mew mew, you know who this is X3, hes just a lil bit altered here though) .

"whats this, that we have here?" he says, "you sure don't look very powerful for one of the most powerful people on earth"
he comes closer, her hands are pressing tightly against the door. "you're very intresting though" he says "very pretty compared to the others"

the host club and prince who had heard the scream, run to the door, hikouru and prince fight over whose going to open the door, thats whats taking them so long. when finally kouru opens the door, lynn falls backwards, the host see the mysterious person,he sees them then says
"may we meet again......skank" he disapears.
"I'M NOTTA SKANK YOU FREAK" shes furious because he spooked her like that and then called her a skank after seeing all of the guys in her room.
everyone-" are you okay?"
lynn-"I'm fine, he just scared me is all"
prince-"did he do anything to you?"
hikouru-"who was that guy?"
lynn-"I don't know, he just appeared out of nowhere, and spooked me"
lynn than thinks "who was that guy, and how'd he know that I'm one of the most powerful people on earth???"

most of the club members turn away from the direction lynn is in except for hikouru, kouru, and prince. then hikouru and kouru start to blush, realizing shes laying down on the floor in only a towl.
kouru-"you'd better get dressed before you catch a cold"
lynn sneezes. "Oh! your right!" prince helps her up, then brings her, her uniform.
she steps back into the bathroom and closes the door. then opens it again, sticking her head out the door, blushes a lil then says -" I'm a lil scared to be in here alone after that....would one of you mind staying in here with me while i change?"
honey starts to offer, but mori holds him back keeping him quiet, tamaki is to surprised to say a word, the twins are fighting with prince and kyoya, going through his notebook as allways.
Lynn- "kyoya, do you mind?"
Kyoya- "not at all"
kyoya comes in the bath room with her, and sits down on a chair facing the cabnit of soaps and trinkets.
the twins jaws drop, everyone is officually paranoid.
kyoya-"so, why me? why not someone who could actually fight like the twins or honey and mori? maybe even tashi."
lynn-"because, I don't know who I can trust while everyone is fighting."
kyoya-"I see, well,than hurry up"
lynn had already gotten the lower half of her uniform already on, all that was left was her shirt.
kyoya-"do you regret coming here?"
Lynn-" not at all, when it comes to the reasons why I left. "
she finishes getting dressed.
Lynn-"hey, kyoya"
Kyoya-"yes? are you quite finished yet?"
lynn goes over to kyoya then hugs him -"thank you"
kyoya-"for what, may I ask?"
lynn-"for trying so hard to help even though you don't really want to"
kyoya thinks to himself "thats a lie, I do actualy want to..."
they go back into lynn's room, everyone staring at them,
lynn-"stop your worrying, al he did was stare at the cabnit the entire time"
kyoya walk over to tamaki and sits down, tamaki staring at him still.
kyoya-"what she says is true, all i did was stare at the asorted soaps and trinkets in the cabnit in there"
tamaki-"alright, I believe you" he smiles.

the maid brings dinner to lynn's room and they eat, the twins fight with prince over feeding lynn.after that, lynn has the maid bring in extra bed things for the hosts.
lynn-"I'm sorry we don't have enough room on the bed for all of you,so you'll have to sleepon the floor"
tamaki-"thats fine"
lynn-"kyoya, hunny, I now how you two are a bit grumpy if woken up, so you guys can sleep on the bed"
hikouru-"then where are you going to sleep lynn?"
lynn-"well, I was going to sleep on the floor with the rest of you..."

they all go to sleep, the next day they went back to ouran high and managed to take lynn and knight back with them.
At school, during activities, lynn was hanging out in the club's kitchen, just sitting there, amusing herself with forks and spoons. hikouru and kouru notace that shes all alone as they pass by the kitchen to talk to kyoya.

kouru-"what is she doing here? I thought she went home already"
hikouru-"you mean with that tashi the way where is he?"
kouru-"I don't know, but hes not with her"

prince-"I'd like to buy one of your love spells"
neckozawa-"as you wish"

Chapter 11 ~ Love spell trouble

prince and lynn go home, lynn doing her homework and knight making some tea.
As prince/knight makes the tea, he takes the petals off of a rose and draws a star on each petal, then hestacks them together and squeezes a drop of liquid out of them and whispers
"Oh rosey tea will you be with me, with each kiss I take, you will be mine, until we are divine, together forever"
the drop of liquid drops into lynn's teacup, he stirrs her tea, then brings it to lynn.
"here you are, fresh tea, just the way youlike it" he says
lynn-"thank you prince"
she finishes what she was writing down, then takes a sip of her tea. She sets her tea cup down, he puts his arms around her and kisses her gentle lips. hearts appear in her eyes, shes under a spell...a love spell...after they kiss, she glomps him, and starts rubbing her head on his chest, while hugging him.
lynn-"I love you"
prince-" I love you too" they smile.

the next day at school,the twins are furious when they see lynn and prince arm in arm, walking down the hall, shes holding his arm and rubbing her head against his shoulder, hearts in her eyes as they say to each other, "no, I love you more"

during clubs, lynn and prince sit in the garden,saying how lovely the garden is.
tamaki-"whats gotten into them? they going out or something?"
hikouru-"i knew our leader was dumb but hes clueless!"
kouru-"settle down hikouru, there has to be some explanation to this, she wouldn't just fall head over heals for a guy like that in one night would she?"
hikouru-"your right, she'd never be with a jerk like him"
neckozawa-" a classic love potion"
the hosts jump, thinking "HOLY CRAP!!"
tamaki-"neckozawa! ..........please don't scare us like that.....please dont curse me....etc.etc.etc." hides behind kyoya.
kouru-"what do you mean love potion?"
neckozawa-"would you like to buy one?"
neckozawa-"I'm sorry I cannot tell you that information, is client conffedential"
the twins flash flashlights, then put it over neckozawa.
neckozawa "AAAHHHH!!!!! MURDERERs MURDERERS!!! allright, Ill tell ill tell!! just turn that wretched thing off!!"
the twins grinn.
neckozawa-"the otherday, tashi(knight/prince) bought a love potion, where the person who drinks it, falls inlove with who ever kisses her, but if someone else kisses her, she will be theres, and so on and so forth, and if she has intercourse with the one who kissesher, she will be theres forever, so even if you kiss her after that, nothing will happen."
the hosts eyes widen.
hikouru-"So your saying if she has sex with the guy that kisses her..."
neckozawa "thats right"
kouru looks out the window at the garden again "THERE GONE!"
the twins run to the door, but right when they open it, there, they see lynn and knight
lynn and knight get to the doors of the host club.
lynn-"hello hikouru, kouru"
hikouru-"b-but I'm hikouru"
kouru-"and I'm kouru"
lynn-"oh, I'm sorry, you two look so much alike, i don't think anyone could tell you apart" she smiles and tilts her head to the side.
the twins think "no! you were the only one who could tell us apart!! WHY!!!"
hikouru grabs lynn by the shoulders-"please tell me your still a virgin!"
lynn blushes slightly-"t-thats none of your busniess! But yes, i'm still a virgin, but I'm planning on losing it to this wonderfiul guy here" she looks over at prince to show who shes talking about.
hikouru looks at the ground "lynn, I just realized something"
lynn-"and that is?"
hikouru suddenly kisses her on the lips, her eyes widen, then slowely and gently go to a lovingly state.
hikouru-"I love you"
lynn-"I love you to hikouru"
he hugs her and closes his eyes tightly.
prince-"Hey! what do you think your doing?!"
kouru steps between prince and the 'hugging ones'
kouru-"hikouru, take lynn and run"
hikouru opens his eyes -"b-but"
kouru smiles, hikouru nods his head and smiles too, then dashes to the kitchen with lynn. prince pushes kouru out of the way, but honey and mori block him and engage in battle. kyoya takes note of the damages and writes a bill for prince, tamaki also watches the fight. kouru thinks -"good luck brother"

hikouru and lynn run into the kitchen, and into the walk in pantry. they take a few deep breathes and smile.
they sit on the ground of the pantry, waiting for the end of the fight.
hikouru,staring at the ground says "I was so scared, I thought I'd lose you"
they start to hear kyoya's voice coming from the kitchen
kyoya-"hey hikouru, don't you want to beat up the guy who tried to take lynn away?"
hikouru lifts his head, then stands up, he opens the door to the pantry, tells lynn to stay put, and then walks to the middle of the kitchen to meet kyoya.
hikouru-"kyoya, do you mind guarding lyn for me while I'm gone?"
kyoya-"not at all, if anyone tries to get past me, I'll call my private police"
hikouru runs out to join in and kyoya goes into the pantry, he closes the door behind him. He knees down, lynn lifts her head and loks at him, he grabs her by the chin and pulls her face close to his.
lynn-"you're not kyoya, who are you?"
kyoya-"how could you tell, oh powerful one?" he laughs a lil then transform back into his true self, he is the man she saw before who spooked her.
lynn-"who are you?"
mysterious man-"oh how rude of me, cutie pie, my name is Kisshu, you pose as a threat to my people coming back to our blue planet which these humans destroyed!"
lynn-"ahhh, I seee, so you were the ones who left mysteriously because of the natural disasters. I allways thought that history book of mine was lying, but I guess you never know right?" she shrugs slightly.
kisshu-"you do realize you have a spell on you that I can use to my advantage"
lynn-"yeah yeah yeah, i know,i know, but you wouldn't kiss me now would you? you don't even like me"
kisshu-"hmph, why don't you just take the spell off yourself?"
lynn-"thats none of your busniess"
kisshu-"and who are those male humans out there fighting?"
lynn-"a robot fighting with the twins over who loves me and the rest of them are just friends who are on the twin's side as backup"
kisshu-"oh...then I apologize for calling you a skank, I was out of line"

back with the others....
hikouru runs to the others to help fight,
kouru-"hikouru, wheres lynn?"
hikouru-"shes okay, shes in there with kyoya"
kouru-"he can't be with her, hes over there" he points at kyoya.
hikouru-"then who the hell was that?!"
hikouru and kouru run to the kitchen,
kisshu hears the twins coming -"but I'm lying, you are kinda cute kitten"
he stands as the twins open the door, he turns twards them ad waves "bye bye"
he disapears...

Chapter 12 ~ More kisses, more trouble

the twins-"Lynn!!"
they rush to her sides
hikouru-"I shoulda never left her side no matter how bad I wanted to beat that tashi guy to a pulp"
kouru-"don't beat yourself up over it, maybe nothing happened"
Lynn hugs hikouru and kouru at the same time-"I've allways loved you both, no matter what" they all smile.
group hug XD
when they stop hugging, lynn looks at them sincerely-"prince put a powerful spell on me, hasn't he?"
kouru-"yes, buthow did you know?"
lynn-"my tea I was drinking didn't taste right, then prince suddenly kissed me"
hikouru-"lynn, i'm so sorry" he kindof chokes up abit
lynn-"It's okay, its not your fault"
kouru-"hey, lynn, are you okay, we saw that guy again"
hikouru-"he didn't do anything to you did he?!"
lynn-"no, he introduced himself to me, asked about the fighting, then left when he heard you coming"
kouru-"it seems to me, that this guy might be a stalker, who only shows up when your alone"
hikouru-"right, so we can't have that, you will be with someone at all times!"
kouru-"i'll stay with her this time so you can get in on some of the action"
hikouru-"alright" they smile, hikouru leaves and joins in on the fighting, whilst explaining what happened to the others.

kouru-"lynn, you mean alot to me and him,you know, your the onlyone who could ever tell us apart, becoming part of our little world, unchanging and forever in bond"
lynn-"kouru, you've got this idea of how everything works don't you?"
kouru-" know......hes not the only one that loves you"
lynn stares at him, since hes staring into a dreamland in his mind.he looks at her, his face gets closer to lynn's,
"one little kiss wouldn't hurt, right?" he kisses her soft lips,their eyes both closed as they kiss, when they stopped kissing, they slowely opened their eyes once again..

back with the others...
prince stops fighting-"me? aneusence to her? have to think this over" he says sadly, as he walks out of the room,
kyoya has the place quickly cleaned up and finishes writing up a bill, then he sighs "this drama is costing us alot" he thinks, as he walks into the kitchen.
kyoya-"kouru, lynn, tashi left for the mean time, you can come out now"
kouru and lynn stand up, kouru opens the door and lets lyn out first like a gentlemen, then closes the door behind him.
kouru-" Kyoya, can you watch her? i'm going to go check on do I know your the real kyoya?"
kyoya-"I'm writing down the bill for the damages tashi has made, is that enough to prove it, or do I have to tell you everything I know about you and your brother."
kouru-"okay, I believe you, but if the fighting really hasnt stopped and your not who you sa you are, I'll kick your ass"
kyoya, "if you can get past my security, then fine"
kouru leaves the kitchen and meets up with hikouru.
kyoya-"what is it?"
lynn-"writing up a bill is pointless, he won't be able to pay you back"
kyoya-"and why is that?"
lynn-"because, he is my servant, who I don't have much contorl over, so it seems"
kyoya-"thats too bad-" he starts walking closer to her "then maybe you'll have to pay for it for him"
lynn-"as long as you don't tell them tashi's my servant-"
kyoya,puts his clipboard down on the island (table that has cubboards and shelves, that normally is only about 2 or 3ft away from the counter with a sink), walks closer to the point that he is only inches away from her, he makes his face closer to hers, he has an irrated look on his face -"I hate that everyone loves you..."
Lynn-"I'm sorry.."
kyoya puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses her, once again, lynn's eyes widen, then slowely close half way.
kyoya looks down and whispers "because I....." he can't come to the words he wants to say, so he looks up at her,she has a blank face, then she blinks once and starts smiling gently as she tilts her head slightly.
kyoya then whispers -"i"m sorry..." then says"Please make the sweets for tomarrow, shop for more supplies, and don't tell anyone about this" he hugs her, then straightens up, to make it seem like nothing happened, he picks up his clipboard and says -"well then, get to work." as he starts to leave the room
lynn-"aiyai captain" she smiles and then starts getting to work.
all of the other host club members just finish straighting up the room.
As kyoya enters the room, hikouru notaces him and says-"Wheres Lynn?!"
kyoya-"shes fine, shes baking a cake"
kyoya says as he walks over to a chair and sits down, still writing in his clipboard.

Hikouru-"But still! If shes left alone that creap from last time might appear again!" he runs into the kitchen and seees lynn mixing ingrediants. he breathes a sigh of relief and walks over to her, she then notaces him and says-"oh hello, I'm making the sweets for tomarrow, for during the host club"
hikouru-"but why?"
lynn-"because kyoya asked me to, and because I want to make up for at least half of the damages prince made"
hikouru-"no, you don't have to do anything more for that tashi guy" he puts his arms around her, and rests his chin on her shoulder.
lynn-"no, I have to...kyoya asked me to..."
hikouru-"I don't understand, why do you care if he asked you to? Why aren't you caring about what i'm telling you?! "
his eyes widen-"unless.....he didnt! did he?! ....lynn, did kyoya kiss you?!"
lynn-"why?it's none of your busniess if he did or not. by the way, you went to cheeck on hikouru earlier, how was he?"
hikouru, suddenly understands, he lets go of her and runs out of the room, furious, he stomps over to kyoya -"KYOYA!!! YOU ....HOW DARE YOU!!!" he grabs him by the shirt.."HOW DARE YOU KISS HER!!!"
kyoya-"I don't know what your talking about" he pushes his glasses twards his face
kyoya-"if you didn't already realize, that ever since she got amnesia, and that tashi guy came, there has been drama and destruction of host property, I am simply having her pay for the damages"
hikouru , discusted with him, lets go of him, slightly pushing him, making him fall to the ground. kouru-"hikouru"
hikouru returns to the kitchen, to find honey and lynn making sweets together, she walks over, takes her by the hand and walked out of the kitchen with her, kouru following after as they head out the door and down the hall.

end 10-12
next set 13-15
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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The twins brought lynn home with them, because they were worried about her being alone in her own house.
Lynn-"why can't we go to my house?"
hikouru-"because that tashi guy might be there"
kouru-"or that creap with the green hair"
lynn walks to the end of the hall, where the window is and sighs. Then kouru whispers to hikouru "now's your chance to kiss her" hikouru nods and walks over to lynn. he stands next to her and looks outside the window as well.
Hikouru-"hey lynn"
hikouru-"what is that tashi guy to you?"
lynn starts laughing
hikouru-"what? did you think that was funny?"
lynn-"sorta, see, theres something about him that will never make him be able to be my soulmate..."
hikouru becomes more intrested."go on..."
lynn-"but that something is a secret" she puts one finger over her lips and winks.
hikouru-"aww come on, why can't you tell me??"
lynn-"because, its a secret"
hikouru-"hmph, well I have a secret for you"
hikouru's face gets closer to hers, but stops like 2 inches away.
hikouru-"I love you"
he kisses her, his eyes closed, her eyes open wide then close, and when they stop kissing, she says,"thats not a secret"
lynn giggles.Then hugs him-"I love you too"

In a short distance, floating outside the window, kisshu is watching what is going on.
"Why is seeing her and some guy kiss making me mad?" he thinks.
" can't I getting jealous??? That just can't be..." it makes him angry as he thinks about it, then he sees a cat going over to a bowl of milk.
"heh heh heh" he takes out a jellyfish alien thingy and fuses it with the cat
The cat turns into a tiger.
"lets see how powerful she really is"

hikouru and lynn start heading back to the twin's bedroom where kouru was waiting. when the tiger jumps in through the window,breaking the glass. hikouru and lynn turn around to see the tiger, kouru runs out of the room and sees it too. lynn thinks-"oh no, I can't use my powers here, because of the twins" kisshu floats closer to the window.
Kisshu-"hello, cutie, how do you like my present for you?" he says with an evil grin and laughs somewhat maniacly.
the twins-"what kind of evil laugh is that?"
the twins-"and whats up with those clothes? what are you? a caveman?"
kisshu gets angry with the twins-"why you...when my kind take back our blue planet i'll make sure you two are the first to die! get them SABOR!"
the tiger jumps and the twins start running.
lynn-"Kisshu! what is your problem?! "
lynn-"because I don't want the twins to know about them!!"
lynn-"because I care about them!!"
kisshu-"hmph, fine, die for all I care"
a guy with short blonde hair jumps into the window, hes wearing a blue outfit, trimmed with gold, he runs past lynn, lynn turns to see who he is, he stops and turns as well. though he is a few feet away...after they get a good look of eachother, he keeps running in search of the tiger, with a lil blue puff ball next to him. he catches up to the twins and the tiger, He takes out a sword and cuts the tiger, the kitty and alien split and the blue puff eats the alien, he sheiths the sword.-"good job" he tels the puff.
"we have to hurry," he says to it, the twins look at eachother and think "whos that guy?"
hikouru-"hey, thanks for saving us"
guy-"no problem, but I'm in a hurry"
he runs up the stairs and down the hall , just a lilbit past lynn.
guy-"I'll never let you destroy the human race!!"
kisshu-"hmph, you pest....may we meet again oh powerful one"
lynn-"IT'S LYNN!! dip sheet" kisshu disapears.
guy turns to lynn-"who are you?"
lynn-"tell me who you are first"
the twins run up the stairs -"Lynn!! are you okay???"
lynn-"yeah I'm fine" she then looks back at the guy, but hes gone, he jumped out the window ad ran off into the night.

end chapter 13

Chapter 14~ Reunion

the twins -"who was that guy"
Lynn-"I- I don't know..."
the twins-"he must be full of himself for cutting that giant tiger and turning it into a kitten"
Lynn still staring out the window, the twins begin to worry.
Hikouru-"Lynn are you okay?"
kouru goes and gets the phone from his room and calls to get the window fixed.
Lynn snaps out of it, "huh? oh.. yeah, I'm okay, I'm just wondering if something big is coming"
hikouru-"what do you mean?"
lynn-"oh, its nothing, just my thoughts wandering" she smiles, waving her hands infront of her.
hikouru goes over and hugs her -"okay, I believe you, just don't scare me like that."
For the rest of the night, nothing surprising happened, and so, morning came.
Lynn sighs as she looks at the calendar. They awoke early and escorted Lyn home, so now they are chilling at lynn's house and prince is staying in the highest room in the tallest tower, away from them so that there isnt any commotion.
Hikouru-"whats wrong lynn?"
Lynn-"oh nothing, it's just that time of the year again"
the twins -"what do you mean by that?"
Lynn-"Well, a friend of mine is holding a reunion of her friends again. She does this about this time of the year every few years or so, and this happens to be one of those years that shes holding the next reunion."
kouru-"so, I'm guessing you have to go...How long do you plan to be gone?"
Lynn-"About three to five days"
hikouru- "What?! your taking us with you, right?"
Lynn-"I can't, it's by invitation only"
hikouru-"then we'll just get us an invitation too, how hard could it be with our social status?"
Lynn-"You don't understand, its not about social status, its not a normal reunion, its a special private reunion"
kouru-"you'll at least tell us all about it when you get back right?"
hikouru-"no, we will go with you! what if someone tries to kiss you, or what if that guy with the green hair shows up?"
Lynn-"I'll be fine, by the way the guy with the green hair, his name is kisshu"
the twins start laughing "hahahaha what kind of name is that?! hahahaha"
Lynn-"and as for the love spell, I'll have protective plastic over my lips the entire time" she takes out a box with thin clear strips in it, she peels two of them and place them on her lips, they look like they arent even there.
"ta da!"
hikouru-"but how do we know if they'll work?"
lynn-"here I'll test try it for you, to show how safe it is"
she goes over to kouru, bends over and kisses him on the lips, then stands up again to show that nothing happened
lynn-"see" she smiles.
hikouru-"okay, but still, what about kisshu?"
Lynn-"I've already got that covered, I got nekozawa to make me a protective charm to keep him from finding me" she pulss out a makeshift braclet she quickly put together the night before.
"well, I have to get packing...Oh! do you want to see the dress I'l be wearing to the masqurade ball?"
kouru-"theres a masqurade ball too?"
lynn-"of course! what kind of reunion would it be without one? friend allways says" she smiles.
hikouru-"we would love to see the dress you'll be wearing"
lynn-"yay! I think its going to be the talk of the party" she quickly goes to her room and magicaly produces a dress in seconds and runs out to them with it.
Lynn-"how does it look?"
the dress is a ball gown, Thats black and blue, with ruffles going down the side, a random checkered blue and black sash like thing hugging the front, somewhat toobtopish style yet has sleeves, and sparkles at the top (there ill be a picture of this in the picture category soon)
hikouru snickers.
kouru-"well you'll surely be the talk of the party in that odd looking thing" he snickers as well.
Lynn-"hmph, well, I'm sorry you on't like it, but everyone will be wearing something odd like this with or without a mask."
the twins look at each other then start laughing -"at least let us get you a better looking one"
Lynn-"no, now get out, I need to pack" she starts pushing them out the door.
the twins-"aww come on"
she shuts the door, and goes to her room. She uses her magic to start packing.

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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 15~ Welcome

Lynn arrives at an enormous estate. a circular driveway, going around a water fountain, a mansion, which looks like it would only have at least 7 bedrooms, with a touch of magic, it has over 100 bedrooms, an enormous ball room, a large kitchen and dining room,and an oversized living room. an outside back patio, and a maze garden.
Lynn is in her witch form, she has long brown hair, with longs bangs, blue eyes, and wearing all black.
Lynn walks up the steps to the doors of the mansion where others who are arriving are headed as well, carrying her one bag she goes inside where she is greeted by servants, who tell her , her room number and show her the way to it, then hand her a schedule of the activities that will take place over the next few days. She enters her room and puts her bag on her queen size bed. The sevant says that if there is anything she needs, just call. showing her where the phone is.
Lynn-"I doubt I'll need anything, but thankyou for the offer" she smiles.
the servant leaves, closing the door behind them. Lynn opens her bag and all of her things go into place in the room, the outfits in the closet, the study materials on the desk, the books on the bookshelf, and random mishaps in the drawrs of the dresser.
She places the list if things happening on the wall and reads off the first one.
lynn-"Welcoming Dinner at 9:30" she sighs "this is going to be a long week" as she unfolds the list.
"dang, I'm one of the most powerful people on earth and yet, I'm still not Madam Silvia's favorite" she says as she looks at the room "why do only the favorites get personal bathrooms?" she says, a lil ticked off.
She gets ready for dinner, close to 9:20 everyone starts to head to the dinning room. Lynn takes a seat and looks for a familiar face, other than madam silvia who sits at the end of the table, crouded by her favorites. She plays with her long brown hair out of boredum as they wait for things to begin.Everyone is seated and dinner is served, silvia makes a toast to the reunion and tells everyone to enjoy. After dinner, everyone caught up in the living room, lynn just leaned against the wall waiting for the fun to start.
She thinks to herself "now, lets see..." she looks around the room "theres madam silvia, now let me think..who are her favorites?" she thinks
she looks around, theres a fat ugly witch sitting, she then thinks "eww, thats the witch of the waste, madam silvia hates her" she keeps looking around she sees a man with long blue hair, and a princely looking outfit "thats Typhon, slivia's 3rd favorite, he major's in wind magic." she sees twins, one girl one boy both with blood red hair and thinks "prometheus and uriel, they are silvias 2nd favorite" she sees silvia with her 1st favorite, who has blonde hair "howl" she thinks, she sees that he was looking her way, she freaks a little bit then thinks "please be a giant clock behind me" she looks behind her and shes standing by a very large clock face, "dang, why don't I watch where I stand" she thinksto herself , "but I don't see her fourth favorite raphael, of water and healing magic" she also thinks.
she shrugs, over with madam silvia
Madam silvia-"Oh howl dear, this is going to be so much fun"
howl's staring at the directin lynn is in/the giant clock face
silvia-"howl? howl dear" she snaps her fingers.
howl -"h-huh?" he then looks back at silvia.
silvia-"howl whats the matter?"
howl-"oh, nothing, just looking at the clock"
silvia-"the clock? are you bored?howl dear, I could speed up the schedule if you are"
howl-"oh no, I'm just tired is all" he briefly smiles.
silvia makes a megaphone appear outa nowhere and starts talking into it -"OKAY EVERYONE, GET A GOOD NIGHTS REST FOR TOMARROW'S GAMES!!!"
howl-"aww, you really don't have to"
silvia-"yes I do"
howl glances back over to the clock, lynn is gone,lyn had raced out of there as quickly has she could with out running, almost to her room, she bumps into someone, lynn falls down, but the person she bumped into managed not to fall.
man-"are you okay?"
she looks up at him, he out stretches a hand.
"would you like me to lend you a hand?" he asks, he has black hair, somewhat long, hes wearing a male japanese kimono. she takes his hand, and stands up.
man-"no problem, repayment"
lynn thinks what?!
man-"I'd like you to tell me your name"
Lynn-"fine, its lynn"
man-"what a lovely name, my name is raphael"
lynn is shocked to meet one of silvia's favorites, "I'm sorry, I cannot talk right now, i have to be on my way"
raphael-"you know, lynn, you have a pretty nasty spell on you"
lynn-"I know"
rapael-"why don't you take it off? or is it that you don't know how to? cuz if you don't, I'll gladly take it off for you at a special price"
lynn-"no thankyou, I have a reason for not removing it, now I really cant be caught dead being with you, so excuse me"
rapael-"eh? and why not?"
lynn-"well, silvia would kill me if i even talk to one of her favorites, so I really need to go"
she tries to walk past him, he grabs her arm -"I'll see you at the ball"
he takes his hand off her arm and walks away, she start walking to her room again, she enters her room, shutting the door behind her, she goes over to her bed and barries her head in her pillow-"maybe I can spend the rest of the reunion, hiding in this room" she sighs and falls asleep.

she awakes in the middle of the night, and stares at the ceiling for a while. lynn-"I can't sleep, I guess it wouldn't hurt to go look at the stars then"
she gets up, dressed in her black pajamas, which are pj pants and shirt, she walks down the haall, then out some doors to the balcony, thats above the patio, she goes to the railing and stares into the sky and sighs.
unknowingly, below her, on the patio, silvia and her favorites are having a minature tea party.

Silvia-"cheers to another gloriuos reunion"
silvia is closest to the door, howl is on the other side of the table, just barely being out from under the balcony, raphael sitting on his left, and the twins to the right, so the guy whos the master of wind in that empty space between raphael and silvia.

raphael-"but it isn't over yet, so how can it be glorius?"
Prometheus-"why do you have to keep announcing that" he says as he rests his head on the back of his chair.
(prometheus is the boy with the red hair)
howl looks up at the sky, at the moon then follows the stars back to the house, where he happens to see lynn looking at the stars from the balcony. He got so caught up in star gazing (and at her) that he didnt remember to keep his tipping chair steady, therefore he falls backwards. but the wizard of wind keeps him from hitting his head. Raphael gets up to see if hes okay, he notaces the reflection in his eyes.
raphael whispers to him-"are you curious who she is?"
howl -"yeah"
raphael helps him stand up
silvia-"Howl! are you okay?!"
howl-"i'm fine, the stars are expesually beautiful tonight"
silvia-"oh...I wonder why"
howl-"hey silvia, you make sure we know everyone t the reunion, but theres this one person that I don't recognize"
silvia starts getting tense, her head going down, shes biting her lower lip.
howl-"this person with long brown hair, who is she?"
silvia is realy tense now
raphael-"come to think of it, I ran into her earlier, she can't be one of your staff, she doesnt wear a uniform"
prometheus-"I think I know who your talking about! she was standing next to the clock, looking really bored"
uriel-"is she a ghost?"
(uriel is the girl with the blood red hair, prometheus' twin sister)
typhon-"come to think of it, I saw her during dinner"
howl-"well? silvia, who is she?"
prometheus and uriel-"yeah! who is she?"
typhon-"silvia, please tell us, we won't bother you about the subject anymore after that"
raphael-"why won't you tell us who lynn is silvia?"
silvia is shocked to hear that name and raises her head sudenly.everyone else-"Lynn?"
prometheus-"is that her name?"
howl-"how do you know this raphael?"
raphael-"like i told you, i bumped into her earlier"
uriel-"what else do you know about her?"
howl-"hey...I was gunna say that"
raphael-"why don't you just ask her? shes star gazing above us, I doubt she even knows we are down here"
silvia-"!! Don't Talk to that witch!"
howl-"so she is one of the guests"
silvia-"no! don't you dare make any contact with her! ......I don't want her stealing you all from me......."
raphael-"just tell us who she is and we'll do as you say"
raphael-"then me and howl will just go ask ourselves"
silvia-"no! don't go! ...........fine i'll tell you" she says, as she slowely starts looking down to her lap.
howl-"well? go on"
silvia-"her name is lynn, and shes one of the five most powerful witches and wizards, she ranks number three, but I think she's holding back and could easily surpass the secnd most powerful.......I hate her so much, .......I envy her powerr....."
prometheus-"she really has that much power? she doesn't lok like she would'
raphael-"well, I'm going to bed, I need to rest up for the games of the day"
the twins-"same here"
howl looks up at the sky one more time, then starts heading inside with the others saying-"me too"
typhon-"silvia are you ready to go to?"
silvia-"no, i'll be in, in a bit"
he heads inside.
lynn-"ahh the sky is so beautiful" she finally says after a long time of star gazing.
Kisshu appears outa nowhere, takes a rose from the maze garden,then goes over to lynn.
kisshu-"now that those humans are out of the way, you have no choice but to fight me!"
Lynn sighs
kisshu-"whats the matter?"
Lynn-"oh nothing, nothing, just tired is all, it is like one in the morning you know"
Kisshu-"and? thats a reason to sigh?"
Lynn-"no, its just that the sky looks beautiful at this time of night"
Kisshu looks up at the sky-"eh, I guess your right...hey wait! your staling me! I will fight you no matter what!"
Lynn-"fine, fine, get on with it"
Kisshu gets a bit upset, then he fuses an alien with the rose, it turns into a giant rose with out a stem, the petals open, a scary rose lady emerges, thorny vines surround her.
Lynn-"oooo, pretty"
her vines shoot out at lynn, lynn dodges, by jumping into the air, she does a flip and lands on the railing of the balcony. she turns, has her palm facing the vines behind her, her arm outstretched
a fireball shoots out of her hand, ad make the vines burn to ashes, the rose lady lets out an ear piercing scream.
Lynn covers her ears. and yells at the rose lady-"You stupid rose lady! Don't scream! that was really loud!" she shakes her fist at it. kisshu watches from above. Lyn appears to jump twords the rose lady, she looks like shes ready to slash at the rose with her arm, as shestarts to slash, she dissapears and says "how long is it going to take for you to notace I'm right here"
kisshu freaks, his eyes open wide, he looks around, then turns behind him, lynn is floating, she waves at him
lynn-"hello" she smiles, her smile turns into an creapy stare "goodbye"
Kisshu feals frightened by the scary glare, "Rose lady! attack!"
vines shoot up twards lynn, she raises one arm, "Lighting fire..."
the lightning, os the color of blue fire, it strikes the rose lady, kisshu turns to look at the rose lady, the rose lady is drenched in blue flames.Kisshu looks back at lynn, lynn about ready to strike again, kisshu frantic, makes his daggers appear, he grabs onto them and strikes at lynn, lynn dodges, but one of the daggers cuts her face like a small papercut, a smal drop of blood runs halfway down her face. she wipes it off with the back of her hand. Kisshu somewhat frightened, but doesnt show it thinks, I got her, i got her!!
he licks the drop of blood off of his blade "heh heh, I got you"
lynn looks back athim, then turns starting to face him, she looks like a beautiful, yet somewhat sad and innocent girl. Kisshu's heart starts to race just a little bit. she raises her hand twards him again, he gets a little bit cautious, she starts falling, he freaks and reaches his had twards hers, but then within second of thinking this is my chance, he throws one of his daggers at her instead. it pierces her shoulder. she curls, like her stomach is in pain, but instead, grabbing at her shoulder rather than her stomach. she keeps falling, she falls into the maze part of the garden, and disapears. Kisshu gows over and searches for her frm the skies, but he can't find her.

unknowingly, silvia was watching the entire time, so she calls out to kisshu while hes searching the maze from above-"Its no good, you can't find her from above, theres a spell on the maze to keep anyone from being found from above or leaving by flying out."
kisshu looks at her as she walks twards the rose garden that is infront of the entrance to the maze.
kisshu is about to disapear when silvia says-"wait! I need to talk to you!"
he stops disapearing and returns to normal, -"what do you want?"
silvia-"I'm lynn's enemy as wel, would you like to join forces?"

end chapter 15
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 16 ~ Masquerade Ball

Silvia-"I'm lynn's enemy as well, would you like to join forces?"

Kisshu-"who are you?"
Silvia-"I am Silvia, call me madam silvia"
Kisshu bows slightly-"I am Kisshu, pleased to meet you madam silvia"
silvia-"you know, she wasn't really trying in that fight against you"
He floats down closer to madam silvia, and they start talking about how his people will come back after he destroys all of the humans and silvia agrees as long as the witches and wizards can stay.
silvia-"lets bring our conversation inside, so that we can plan our first moves against lynn"
the walk inside, and to her private study.

Lynn, on the other hand, is in the maze, she casts a spell which leads her to the exit, but it doesnt work,she gets ticked and uses a more powerful escape spell, she teleports out of the maze and into her room.She quickly uses what healing magic she knows to adress her wound. she lays back down and falls asleep.
She doesn't wake up again, until a little bit past lunch time, her stomach growling is what awakened her. Apparently, some maids had already tried to wake her earlier, at first they thought she wasnt in, then when they came in and tried to wake her, shed be half asleep and give then an evil glare that scared them so much they didn't bother trying again. She didn't feel like going downstairs to each lunch, so she poofed in some left overs that was supposed to be her breakfast.
after she eats and gets dressed, looks at the time and then at the things to do list. She desides to skip out on all of the activities except the ball,so she decides to hit the books while shes got time to herself.
in the field, everyone had lunch as a bar-b-q and played a few more activities, like broom racing, goblin warz, racing throughthe maze, and more. the entire time, howl seems to be looking out for lynn, who wasn't there, and silvia, was busy talking to her guests and howl and hosting the games.

after the games, everyone starts to get ready for the ball. Everyone gets all dressed up and wears a mask, around 9pm everyone started to head twards the ball room. Lynn decides to leave last to be unseen by anyone. she heads to the ball room, entering last, everyone notaced her gown, it did indeed stand out more than the others, who woar what they thought would stand out. She decided to stand by a wall and drink some punch, while everyone started dancing. Silvia danced with her favorites and some others. Howl stumbled his way over to lynn.

Howl-"would you like to dance?"
Lynn-"sure" he bows she curtseys, she put down her cup first.
they started dancing together. But of course, they both had a mask on, so she couldn't tell it was him. They danced some old ballroom dances, going forward, backwards, twirl, you know, that sort of thing.
only 10 minutes into there dance does an unexpected guest arrive. Everyone turns to the entrance, Silvia is the most shocked f them all, saying "it's the fourth most powerful, Jereth! its jereth, jereth at my party! oh my gosh oh my gosh"
Lynn thinks -"jereth......where have I heard that name before..."
Jereth walks through the crowd, who acceptedly maade a path for him, he walks over to silvia "I hope you don't mind that I crashed your party madam"
Silvia blushes-"n-not at all"
Jereth-"it's only polite of me to share my first dance here with you since it is your party"
Silvia nods, jereth takes her hand and everyone starts dancing again.
they dance and chat for a bit.
jereth-"what a party you have here"
silvia-"t-thank you" shes still blushing
jereth-"you wouldn't mind inviting me next time, now would you?"
Silvia-"n-not at all, o-of c-course I'll invite you next time"
Jereth-"your studdering"
Silvia-"I-I'm sorry"
Jereth-"it's fine"

back with lynn-
Howl-"so, the games earlier were pretty fun, weren't they?"
Lynn-"I wouldn't know, I wasn't there, I figured Silvia wouldn't want me there, so I stayed in my room"
Howl-"oh. Your very intresting"
Lynn-"thank you"
Howl-"I'd like to get to know you more lynn"
Lynn, somewhat shocked-"how'd you know it was me? is it because of this spell on me?"
Howl smiled, -"I could spot your beautty a mile away"
Lynn is a bit concerned, he spins her.
Lynn-"who are you?" she says when they started dancing together again.
Lynn-"go on?"
Howl-"I'm not sure I can tell you that, or madam silvia would scold me"
Lynn is shocked-"your one of her favorites arent you?"
Howl-"maybe I am, maybe I'm not, can I meet you in the maze garden tonight?"
Lynn-"maybe....I'll think about it"
howl-"I do hope you say yes"

Jereth sees lynn while dancing with silvia.
Jereth-"will you exuse me?"
silvia nods, shes blushing so hard shes redder than a tomatoe.
Jereth walks over to lynn.he taps on howl's shoulder.
Jereth-"May I cut in?"
Howl-"oh. sure?"
Jereth-"thank you" he takes lynn's hand. and starts dancing with her. howl slips back over to silvia unnotaced.
Jereth-"so how are you lynn?"
Lynn-"god damm why does everyone know who I am?"
Jereth-"well, thats probably because your the third most powerful witch out of the five most powerful."
Lynn-"well, thats good to know"
Jereth laughs a lil-"I thought you knew that"
Lynn-"well, I guess I forgot, I did have amnesia about a month and a half ago"
jereth-"thats odd? how would you get amnesia?"
Lynn-"no clue, I think one of the people who are jealous of me did it"
Lynn-"who knows"
Jereth-"Do you know about the spell thats on you?"
Lynn-"yeah, I do, My apprentice put it on me, I figgured it be intresting to see what happens if I kept ot on"
Jereth-"well thats good that you remember how to take it off"
Jereth-"your beautiful"
Lynn-"thankyou" she smiles.
Jereth-"I'm guessing you have forgotten who I am too?"
Lynn-"unfortunately, but your name does ring a bell"
Jereth smiles-"I'm jereth, fourth most powerful, King of the laberinth, whose castle is beyond the goblin city"
Lynn-"Jereth, I do remember you now" she blushes, her heart beats.
Jereth smiles-"what is a king without a queen?"
Lynn-"Your not asking me to be queen are you?" she blushes
Jereth-"maybe, thats if your up to the offer"
Lynn-"I'll think about it"
Jereth-"I could use your spell to my advantage you know"
Lynn is a bit surprised that he of all people would say that.
Lynn smirks-"try me"
Jereth-"how about we meet later and talk more about this?"
Jereth-"I'm looking forward to it" he smirks.

A masked man comes over and asks to cut in.
Jereth-"alright, I'll talk to you later"
jereth goes and dances with others. The masked man dances with lynn.
Masked man-" Well well well, don't you look beautiful"
Lynn-"thanks? "
Masked man twirls her.
Lynn-"your a wonderful dancer"
masked man-"you think so? this is only my first time dancing"
Lynn-"yes" she smiles.
the masked man blushes and feels his heart drop
masked man-"You are different from what I imagined"
Lynn-"what do you mean?" he twirls her.
masked man- "I thought you'd be evil, and a bit more deveous,not beautiful and kind"
Lynn-"thanks? i guess"
Masked man-" your welcome?"
Lynn has a peaceful look on her face as they dance.
the masked man feels very strange, seeing her look so beautiful and at peace,
masked man-"I don't know If i can do this.."
Lynn-"your dancing just fine, so whats the matter?"
masked man-"your my new precious toy, and I won't let anyone take you away from me"
Lynn is confussed hearing this and somewhat shocked-"w-who are you?"
the masked man-"oh lynn.. you don't know?"
she turns to face him since after he last twirled her, they were dancing, like her infront of him both facing the same way, holding hands, arms croseed kinda thing.
Now shes facing him, thhey stopped dancing
the masked man puts his hand on his mask, and slowely removesit, by bringing it off forward and down a bit, he grinns. as he opens his eyes.
shes shocked. Lynn-"kisshu.."
kisshu-"thats right, -"
she cuts him off-"what are you doing here?!"
silvia starts laughing maniacly.
howl and the rest of her favorites are confussed.
howl-"whats going on silvia?"
silvia-"you'll see" she grinns evily.

end chapter 16

Chapter 17 ~ Miss bunny?

silvia-"I told you, you'll see"

Lynn-"kisshu whats going on?"
Kisshu-"I cannot tell you..."
Lynn-"Kisshu! you said you don't think you can do this, do what?!"
Kisshu-"I'm sorry" he looks sideways at the ground.

the ground from underneath her disapears, Lynn's eyes open wide. her hair starts floats upwards, then she starts falling. Lynn-"Kisshu!! you bastard!!!!!!"
Jereth and howl look over at lynn and see her fall into the floor, they start heading tward her, but its too late, the ground appears again.
Silvia laugh maniacly. "And that was the show for this evening!! you may now get back to dancing!"
Different music starts playing, more modern music.

Lynn, still falling, its pitch black, , there is some light below her. She lands on the floor.
Lynn-"Ow!" she rubs her butt, as she looks around, the floor is checkered black ad white. There is a bed, a nightstand, there are large toys, like different kinds of teddy bears,
Lynn-"where am I? is this some sort of toybox?"
Lynn looks down at her clothes, her gown has changed as well. It turned into a bright blue alice in wonderland dress.
"no, this is wonderland"
Lynn looks to see who said that
its a young woman, wearing a playboy bunny outfit. "hello, I'm miss. rabbit"
Lynn-"miss rabbit? where are we exactly? you say wonderland, I think its a doll house"
miss rabbit-"so, you've fallen into wonderland because of madam silvia?"
lynn-"yes? why? how do you know that?"
miss rabbit-"because we've been waiting for you"
Lynn-"whose we?"
miss rabbit-"everyone in wonderland of course" she smiles
Lynn-"I think your just a doll"
miss rabbit-"I don't know, I had a name before, but when i came here, I became miss rabbit, like how you've become alice."
Lynn-"alice? like from the old tale alice in wonderland?"
Miss rabbit nods her head gladly.
Lynn, "then maybe there IS a way out of here"
miss rabbit stops smiling and is a bit shocked "wait, what? you can't leave!"
Lynn-"why not?"
miss rabbit-"well, umm...because...uhhh..."
miss rabbit-"uhh..fine! I can't think of anything, but I know you can't leave, I just KNOW!"
Lynn starts walking away -"what ever"
Miss rabbit-"wait where are you going?! don't go that way! ....."
Lynn ignores her and keeps walking
miss rabbit-"wait up!"
miss rabbit runns after her. as they keep going, the lighting seems to change.
Miss rabbit looks down and has a sad look on her face thinking "I don't know if I should tell her that if she keeps going she'll forget....everything"
Lynn "hey! I think we're getting somewhere!"
she tapps miss rabbit on the shoulder and says "see see see"
then lynn finally looks at miss rabbit "hey are you okay? "
miss rabbit looks at her.
Lynn's expression changes "come on! cheer up!" she pats miss rabbit so hard on the back she falls down.
miss rabbit stamds back up -"eh heh, okay"
Lynn smiles at her, miss rabbit pretends to smile back.
she looks back down again.
they are surrounded by trees
miss rabbit-"I think we're lost, maybe we should turn back..."
Lynn-" and give up after we've gotten so far?! never!"
they keep walking. Lynn trips over something and falls on her face "Owwie!!!!!"
she looks at what she tripped over. its a rope, she sits upright and starts tugging at it "i wonder where this leads"
she tugs on it some more *tug* *tug*
miss rabbit lets out a quick scream
Lynn-"miss rabbit? whats wrong?"
she looks over at miss rabbit then a gonk look appears on her face "OH MI GAWD! MISS RABBIT!!! ARE YOU OKAYS?!?!"
miss rabbit is hanging there in a net. -"I-I think so alice"
Lynn-"I'll get you down right away!! ...and I'm lynn not alice!"
she goes over and tugs at the net, tries biting through it and everything.
Lynn-"its no good, I can't get you down...if only i had something to cut with"
she sees something colorful out of the corner of her eye, she turns to see what it is.
it is a person with colorful clothes, tail, and cat ears. It looks like the twins from ouran high.
Lynn-"excuse me, could you help me get my friend down?"
the cat person-"what friend?"
Lynn looks back over at miss rabbit, miss rabbit and the net are gone.

Chapter 18~ Tea party maddness

Lynn-"Miss rabbit!"
the cat person comes over and puts his arms around her waist from behind and whispers in her ear-"we are all alone now..."
Lynn turns and pushes him off of her. -"who are you?! ....and why do you seem so familiar?...."
the cat person-"oh alice, how could you forget who I am? I'm the cheshire cat"
Lynn-"My name is not alice! its lynn"
Cheshire cat-"oh really?"
Lynn starts walking away.
chesshire cat-"wait! where are you going?"
Lynn-"to find miss rabbit then find my way out of here, hpoefully I'm doing both at the same time!!"
Chesshire cat is all alone now, he puts one hand on his hip and whispers-"what a girl"
the runs after her, "Alice wait up!!"
he catches up to her. because she stopped, he puts his hand on her shoulder, then looks up "why did you stop?"
she sees the shocked look on her face, then his curiousity got the better of him, he looked in the same direction she is, and sees a bright orange and red scenery, and a crazy looking small house in the center of it all.
chesshire cat-"wtf? well, it's strange, but still, whats a house doing here?unless....we've made it out of the forest..."
Lynn starts running to the house-"Lets see whats inside!"
chesshire cat-"alice, I wouldn't if I were you"
Lynn-"its lynn not alice!, and how am I supposed to find miss rabbit or my way out if I don't search every nook and crany?"
chesshire cat shrugs-"what ever, just wait up for me"
he goes over to the door with her, she knocks, noone answers, so she lets herself in.
Lynn-"by the way, where is your twin?"
chesshire cat thinks "how does she know I have a twin?"
they walk in, its also orange on the inside
chesshire cat-"man, this guy really likes the color orange"
Lynn-"what if a girl lives here and not a guy?"
chesshire cat-"what ever, this 'person' must like the color orange"
they see a girl with a mask, her hair all curly, shes also wearing the same bunny outfit that miss bunny was wearing, except in a different color and more sparkly.
Lynn-"excuse me, miss!" she runns to the girl, the girl starts running, lynn folows, the chesshire cat chases after-"wait up!"
they run down a hall, then in through a door on the right, lynn opens the door after the girl closed it, giving chesshire cat the time to catch up.when they open the door, chesshire cat has a wtf look on his face O.o
Lynn-"ahhh!" she says, with an excited look on her face, as she looks inside, to see a long table, set for a tea party, but when she reaches the end, there is a man in a hat, with girls surrounding him, and along the table is a mouse person and a bunny person.
lynn starts to walk inside, the chesshire cat grabs her shoulder "dont go in there"
she looks at him, then looks back, ignoring him, she goes on "maybe we can find some answeres from this guy."
she walks over to the end of the table where the guy in the hat isn't.
Lynn-"Excuse me, sir!!"
guy in the hat notaces her -"Oh my dear! you should come over here!! come now! don't be shy!"
Lynn walks over to him, his girls back up a couple of steps, letting there be rom for lynn.
the man in the hat looks like jereth, "Hello my dear, I am the Madd hatter"
he takes her hand and kisses it. then he shows her the rabbit at the table "This is Mr. Hare"
Mr hare looks like knight/prince.
Mr. hare-"would you like some tea??"
he hands her a cup of tea
Lynn-"thank you"
then maddhatter shows her the mouse person, who looks like raphael, one of silvias favorites.
"and this is mouse"
mouse-"hello my dear, *hic* "
Lynn sips her tea. Lynn-"this tea doesn't taste like its supposed to, what did you do to it prince?"
all of them are confused-"whose prince?"
Lynn-"what? did I say that? you all look so familiar, but I know that I don't know you"
maddhatter-"in any case, we forgive you" he takes her hand again "will you marry me?"
Lynn -'I-I..uhhh" she blushes
the chesshire cat comes outa nowhere and holds lynns waist -"no, she won't, because shes mine"
Lynn-"this seems to familiar, I think we'd better get going, "
the chesshire cat-"but didnt you come here to ask him something?"
Lynn-"what? I did?Oh!! oh yeah!! excuse me, but by anychance have you any idea where miss bunny is? or the way out of here??"
maddhatter-"havn't a clue"
Lynn-"then we'll be on our way, thanks for the help"
maddhatter-"the pleasure is mine, thankyou for stopping by"
lynn and the chesshire cat start to leave
mouse-"I'll see you at the ball *hic*"
the chesshire cat-"thats a drunk mouse, can I roast him over a fire?"
lynn is looking down
chesshire cat-"whats the matter alice?"
Lynn-"I-I don't know"
she looks at him with her big blue eyes
Lynn-"what was I looking for?"

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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 19~ I'm so confussed.

Lynn-"what was I looking for?"
Chesshire cat-"oh alice"
he puts his arms around her shoulders from behind "we were looking for miss bunny, but its getting late, so lets go back to my place"
they walk together hand and hand untill they come to a tree with a door in it. he opens the door and they go inside.
night passes and son morning comes, Lynn wakes up, shes on two beds put together, a chesshire cat on both sides of her. she gets up, leaves the room, and goes down the hall to a window.
one of the chesshire cats comes over and scares her.
Lynn-"y-you scared me"
chesshire cat-"I'm sorry alice"
Lynn thinks -"why does this seem so familiar?...."
Chesshire cat-"we have to go find miss bunny don't we?"
chesshire cat-"whats the matter doll?"
Lynn-"nothing, lets go"
they are about ready to leave when chesshire's twin comes to the front room where the door out is and says"where are you guys going?"
Lynn-'too find miss bunny"
chesshire's twin-"oh, well, then lets go to the city and look for her, I'm sure you'd probably be able to find her there"
chesshire cat-"whats going on brother?"
chesshires twin-"I thought I'd let you know the queen is having her be taken in for questioning"
Lynn-"what for?"
chesshires twin-"why she got caught in one of the kings traps, wheres shes been hiding, that sorta thing"
lynn-"lets go get herthan!!"
chesshire cats-"why should we?"
"its none of our busniess"
Lynn-"I thought you guys were my friends!!"
she goes to open the door, but the chesshire cat steps infront of her "I'm not your friend, I'm your lover"
Lynn-"get out of my way"
chesshire cat "no, doll, I don't want to lose you"
Lynn-"I'm not a doll!! "
chesshire cat-"alice..."
Lynn's eyes widen, she remembers the words i don't want to lose you, she thinks of hikouru.
Lynn-"Hikouru, my name is lynn, not alice" a tear goes down her face, she gives him a sad smile "you won't lose me, okay?, just trust me"
chesshire cat "please don't cry.."
he hugs her, so that he is holding her in his arms. "I don't want you to go...I'm afraid of losing you.....please take me with you"
Lynn-"its an invitation only party silly goose" she smiles, they hug. "now I have to go"
chesshire cat-"I'll be waiting"
Lynn smiles-"okay, I'll keep that in mind"
he kisses her "don't take too long okay?"
chesshire cat-"you've wasted too much time here as it is, are you still deturmined to find your way back?"
Lyn-"absolutely" he opens the door for her.
chesshire cat-"good luck.....Lynn"
Lynn "you called me by my name?" but its too late, as she looks back, everything seems to get farther away, its dark again, she sees a light and walks towards it. the scenery changes, its a court, miss bunny is on trial, the king is howl, the judges are the rest of the hosts and the rest of the favorites.

Chapter 20~ Trial

Lynn-"whats going on??'
the king-"this woman is on trial for being in the forest with no good reason, then ruining one of my traps"
Lynn-"Its not her fault!!"
the queen comes out of a curtain behind the highest desk and walks to her seat, like is a balcony in a theater.
the queen looks like madam silvia-" then whose fault is it??"
Lynn-"Its mine!! I brought her to the forest and accidently tripped the trap!! please don't kill her!!"
queen-"then off with your head!!"
the king-"no, my queen, shes been through more than enough, leave her be"
queen-"how dare you defy me!"
the maddhatter appears-"you simply cannot chop off her head, for she is to be wed with me"
queen-"what? no! I won't allow it!"
chesshire cat appears -"good! because shes mine!"
one of the guards, that looks like kisshu-"allow me to dispose of her!"
Lynn-"oh no you don't!!"
she lifts her hand at the on coming guard "Wind Borrialis!"
the guard is whisped away into the wind.
Lynn-"where did that come from?.."
Miss bunny-"Alice run!!"
queen-"alice? ALICE?! I will never let you get away!! face my might!!"
the queen starts fighting lynn, lynn dodges the first magic attack. Lynn uses a fire spell "Fire!"
queen dodges it. queen-"You'll never defeat me!! I will kill you if its the last thing I do!!"
Lynn-"Madam Silvia you witch! I remember everything now!!I am more powerful than you are!! I will defeat you!!"
Lynn uses a lightning spell -"You just a coward! jelous of my might!! I won't let you push me around any more!!!"
she uses one last attack, the queen shreiks, but lynn cant see her demise, the scenery and everything starts to fade away.

Chapter 21 ~ Don't forget

Lynn starts faling again. she gently lands on the cold hard ground. as she gently lands, she lands as though she lust passed out, and therefore is passed out on the cold stone floor of the maze garden.

back with the others, the ball has ended a while back, those concerned about lynn are arguing with silvia.
Silvia-"I refuse to say anything more about this subject, it is time for bed, go to your rooms!!"
everyone goes to their rooms, kisshu talks to silvia-"I can feel her presance coming back"
silvia-"no, that can't be possible..."she clentches her fist
"go wait for her, I leave the rest to you, I have other matters to attend to"
Kisshu-"I'm on it"
he dissapears then reapears above the maze garden. he is about to enter the maze from above when he sees howl go in the garden, then maybe 30 min later jereth enter the maze as well
Kisshu-"this'll be interesting"
kisshu enters the maze.

Howl finds lynn lying on the floor asleep, he runs to her."lynn are you okay?"
howl still has his mask on from the ball. Lynn opens her eyes, "*yawn* where am I?"
howl-"your in the maze garden, where we were to meet after the ball" he smiles.
Lynn-'Oh! is the ball over yet? how long have I been gone?"
howl-"the ball is over, you've been gone for a few hours"
Lynn-"well, then I guess I'm right on time for our meeting" he helps her up.
Lynn-"okay, who are you and how do you know who I am?"
Howl-"well..." he slowely takes off his mask "I'm.."
Lynn sees who he is once he removed the mask- "Howl?!"
Howl-"yes, silvia told me to stay away from you, but I couldnt..."
Lynn-" I don't want you to get in trouble with her, she already hates me, and next time I see her, shes dead!"
lynn-"oh, I didn't tell you? she sent me to an alternate universe where I was alice in wonderland and she was the queen who tried to have me forget who I was and stuck there, and killed, then she tried to kill me herself... so when I get my hands on her!!! ooooo shes got it coming!!"
howl-"interesting, I'm just glad you made it back alive.."
Lynn-"I wonder what happened to miss bunny.."
Lynn-"the playboy bunny with a clock, she was supposed to be on trial, but I interrupted before the could sentannce her to death"
howl-"haha, really?"
lynn-"yeah..." they sit down on a bench near one of the walls
howl-"will you be mine?"
howl-"Lynn, will you be mine? will you come to live with me and accompany me?"
Lynn-"but arn't you currently living in the fudal era?"
Lynn-"I'm sorry, I cannot"
howl-"I know I'm being selfish, but please, why won't you be mine?"
Lynn-"I have some things to settle before I can decide whom I will love the most"
Jereth enters "Lynn, your alright"
Lynn-"helo jereth"
she tells him what happened.
Jereth -"wow, I was the maddhatter, thats interesting, so have you thought about it?"
Lynn-"jereth, I'm sorry, I cannot marry you, I have things to settle before I can decide whom I love most"
Howl-"woah woah woah, he asked you to marry him?"
Lynn nods
jereth-"what of it?"
howl-"maybe we should have a contest for her"
jereth"I'm in"
kisshu appears outa nowhere "then you'd better count me in"
Lynn-"akh! where'd you come from, and why would you want in, I thought you hated me!!"
Kisshu-"hahaha, I changed my mind after we danced, you will be mine!!"
Lynn-"*sigh* it wouldn't be fare to those without magic that love me forget your plans of a contest"
lynn walks to the center of the maze and stares at the sky.
howl-"well then, I never give up a fight" he dashes over and picks her up "I won't let you leave until your mine"
he starts running into the maze with her in his arms.
Kisshu-"hey! thats cheating" he flies after them.
Jereth runs after as well.
Kisshu disapears, then reapears next to howl, and takes lynn "here, let me take this off your hands"
Kisshu disapears again and reapears back at the center of the maze, with lynn. he puts her down "are you alright kitten?"
Lynn-"why are you so suddenly intrested in me?"
Kisshu-"I never knew you were so amazing until the ball. I want us to stop our fighting, I'll ask if we can keep you safe with us when my people return. only if you'll be mine"
Lynn-"I'm sorry, but I can't, I can't stand by and watch my friends and loved ones be killed while I'm safe"
Kisshu-"no! you will be mine! even if I have to use the curse thats on you!"
he grabs her by the shoulders and kisses her. jereth and howl return to see them kissing.
Jereth "Lynn!!" they stop kissing.
Lynn whipes her mouth "man, your a dipp sheet"
kisshu-"what?! how could it not work?!"
Lynn peals the first layer of clear plastic off her upper lip. Lynn-"Plastic, it cancels the spell when worn"
she puts the plastic back on, Kisshu-"h-how dare you!" he disapears.
Jereth-"what a pathetic little man"
Howl-"you can say that again"
Lynn-"hey, give him some credit, he did try to use the spell against me"
howl-"okay, if that'll make you happy"
Lynn-"it's only been day two of this reunion, and I'm ready to leave, if I stay anylonger, silvia will be nomore"
jereth-"I only just got here and I already want her dead, I guess I'll leave too, would you like me to escort you home?"
Lynn-"no, its alright, I'm going to spend the night here and leave first thing tomarrow"
howl-"thats no fun, why not stay longer?"
Lynn-"don't worry, we'll meet again, I'm sure of it"
Lynn-"I'm sure i might need to get something from the feudal era and when i do, I'll drop by to visit"
howl-"thats splendid!"
Lynn-"and jereth, when I feel like visiting you, I'll call upon the goblins. alright?"
Jereth-"Alright Lynn, but for an easier way, here, take this crystal, it'll bring you there when ever you want"
He hands her a crystal.
Lynn-"lets head back"
they escort her to her room. then head back to their own rooms, and go to sleep for the night.
in the middle of the night, Kisshu appears in lynn's room.
Kisshu whispers-"I don't want anyone else to have you..."
"why won't you be mine?! is it those humans? I guess I just have to wait and find out......good night kitten"
he disapears.

end chapters 19-21
next set 22-24
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 22~ I'll see you again, someday...

Lynn wakes up and packs her things, and walks down stairs, she thought she had gotten up early enough to pass everyone while they were asleep, but she was wrong.
Madam silvia's favorites and jereth were waiting by the door.
Lynn-"what in the world?"
jereth steps forward "my dear, I wanted to see to it that you got back safetly, but these people decided to join me"
howl-"I wanted to say good bye before you left"
Raphael-"I didn't get a chance to dance with you at the ball" he frowns "and these others wanted to meet you since they didnt get a chance too"
Typhon-"since madam silvia is still asleep, I figured it wouldn't hurt to meet you as you leave"
/uriel-"and we thought you were cute, so we wanted to meet you, isnt that right brother?"
prometheus blushes-"Sister!..."
Uriel giggles.
Lynn-"thats so kind of you, I'm sorry i couldn't get to know you while I was here, but I must be on my way, i'm sure we'll meet agan in the future" she smiles.
jereth-"I have a carrage all ready for you"
howl-"and I got the driver"
lynn smiles "thank you"
she walks out the door and down the steps, waving to them as she gets to the carrage, the driver opens the door for her. she gets in the carrage and away she goes. when she reaches home, she goes in disguise again, with blonde hair. the carrage stops infront of the house, she gets out and takes her luggage out, the driver closes the door behind her, then asks for a tip for howl. right as lynn started writing on a piece of paper I owe you one kiss, the driver turns into howl and the howl at the party disapears.
Howl-"blonde looks good on you"
Lynn looks at him-"Howl!"
they hug
still hugging howl says-"how about I use your I owe you right now?"
Lynn-"then there would be no point in writing it" she hands it to him
howl-"your right, I'll save it for the next time we meet. I just hope it not too long from now"
howl-"then you wont mind if I steal one this time around"
he tries to kiss her. lynn struggles too keep him from kissing her, since hes still holding her
Lynn-"hahaha, stop it, howl, hahaha"
howl kisses her on the cheek- "till next time?"
Lynn-"alright till next time."
howl gets back on the carrage-"good bye"
the carrage won't let him back on. a microphone appears and says-"I ain't letting you drive after pulling that stunt howl"
howl-"well then I'll just fly back, good luck with your carrage jereth"
the carrage goes into an alternet universe, howl turns into a bird and flies away.
Lynn-"*sigh* boys..."
she picks up her stuff and goes inside. "well, the bright side is that everyone thinks I'll be gone for a few more days, so it should be peaceful around here..." she closes the door, then turns around to see her house a reck.
Lynn clenches a fist-"PRINCE!!!!!!! WHY IS MY HOUSE A COMPLETE WRECK?!?!"
prince pops out from behind an over turned couch -"uhh umm I can explain"
Lynn-"well then why arent you explaining?!"
Prince-"well you see.."
neckozawa's butler and maid pop out from behind an overturned table "we came here with our master neckozawa to speak with you, but this young man wouldn't tell us where you were"
a short blonde haired man from before at the twin's house comes out of the kitchen-"the enemy told me you lived here, and I needed to talk to you, but that man wouldn't tell me where you were either"
neckozawa-"so they were all in an epic battle"
lynn turns to look at the corner by the door, neckozawa was standing in that corner.
lynn-"*sigh* please don't destroy my house"
Lynn's hair turns brown again and she uses her magic to restore the house. then her hair turns blonde again.
Lynn-"please take a seat on the couch neckozawa and your servants, and the rest of you on the couch chairs"
they all sit.
Lynn-"now then, I'll start off with the blonde one whom I don't know, I saw you before with the battle with kisshu, who are you?"
man-"my name is Ryou and my friend and I have been trying to keep the aliens from destroying the human race"

Chapter 23~ Queen of darkness

lynn-"I;m sorry, but you sound like a lunitic when you say aliens, they aren't aliens, because they lived here along time before we did, lets just say Kisshu and his people"
Ryou-"okay, well, it would be an honor to have you join us, since you seem to be a threat to them as well."
Lynn-"sure, I'll join you ryou, by the way, my name is lynn, I am a witch, but don't tell anyone" she puts one finger over her lips and winks. then turns to neckozawa
Lynn-"neckozawa, your turn"
neckozawa-"I would like you to be my queen of darkness"
Lynn-"what? when did you decide this?!"
neckozawa-"well, ever since you let me in on your secret of your being a witch, I loved you as much as the darkness"
Lynn slaps her forehead-"what is this?! do I have marry me written all over my back?! this is the third time in the past two days someone has asked me!!"
neckozawa-"do tell"
Lynn-"first jereth, the fourth most powerful wizard, then howl , madam silvia's first favorite, and now the prince of darkness, neckozawa!"
neckozawa-"thats tough to beat, then who are the first 3 most powerful?"
lynn-'they are of no concern, all you need to know is that I'm the third and everyone thinks i could beat the second with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back"
neckozawa-"thats intresting, I didn't know you had such amazing power, I'm an amateur compared to you, but still"
he takes her by the hands, making them both stand upright, and making her close to him, "wont you be mine?"
lynn-"no neckozawa, now get off"
neckozawa-"oh come on, don't think for a second I forgot about the curse knight put on you"
Lynn-"and don't you think for a second that I can't cancel its affect or even remove it"
neckozawa-"tsk tsk, oh well, maybe next time then, aravour"
neckozawa leaves with his servants.
ryou-"what was that all about? having marital prooblems? you don't even look like your old enough to get married"
lynn-"forget it, I'm not, and I'm not ready to be married, i still have alot of things i need to do before I can decide that as well"
ryou-"I'm sorry,I don't think a true gentleman, would bother you so much as to ask you to marry him on such short notace"
Lynn-"yeah, your right"
ryou-"well, I'd better be on my way then, sorry if I caused you any trouble at all"
lynn-"its okay, don't worry about it"
ryou-"our secret base is a little cafe that'll be opening soon , if you'll stop by"
lynn-"sure, I'll be there"
ryou-"see you then" he leaves out the front door.
prince-"I'm sory about the house"
lynn-"its fine"
there is a knock at the door. Lynn goes o the door and opens it "who is it?"
man at the door-"I'm here to deliver a bone eaters wel"
Lynn-"I didn't order one"
delivery guy-"its a gift from an anonymous peson"
Lynn-"I guess you can put it in the backyard, but make sure to hide it beneith a heavy amount of trees so that noone can get in trouble with it"
delevery guy-"alright"
the dlevery people put it in the deepest part of the woods in her back yard. and poofed in a shrine around it.
then left.
Lynn-"*sigh* what a day" she heads to her room for bed.
in the backyard, deep i the woods, and in the shrine, there seems to be a light shining through the brodered up well.

Chapter 24~ What??

her vacation time goes by quickely, and so, the twins come to visit. It's really early in the morning, and the twins come in her room to wake her. they lay in bed with her facing her from both sides.
hikouru-"wakey wakey sunshine"
kouru-"how was the reunion?"
Lynn mummbles in her half sleepness-"Horrible, i left three days ago"
kouru-"and you didn't call and tell us?!"
Lynn-"yeah, I was busy finding a way to break the love spell"
she falls back asleep
hikouru-"did you just fal back asleep?!"
kouru-"I think so"
hikouru-"I knew it she doesn't care about us anymore!!"
hikouru looks all sad,
kouru-"hikouru... that can't be true..."
Lynn puts her arm aroung hikouru-"shut up, don't ever say things like that, or i'll have to..." she fals asleep again
kouru-"lets go get her something for breakfast"
hikouru nods, they leave her room and call for a handful of servants on their phone to come over and make breakfast. the servants come and make breakfast.
hikouru and kouru go get lynn for breakfast to find that knight/prince is laing n bed with her.
they freak and yel-"what the hell is he doing here?! we didnt even see him come through the front door!!"
Lynn sits up -"huh?"
shes really sleepy, she looks over at prince -"oh, good morning prince" she yawns.
then kicks him out of her bed -"what did I tell you about trying to sleep in the same bed as me?!"
shes awake now, prince hits the floor-"ow"
the twins go over to him and look furious like their about to beat the crap out of him.
lynn-"stop it, leave my servant alone"
the twins-"servant?"
Lynn-"yeah, servant, my one and only unpaid servant"
Lynn gets out of bed-"I'll discuss it over breakfast"
she leaves her room-"why do I smell food?"
the twins follow after, -"wait we have a surprise for you"
she walks into the living room and sees a breakfast made and waiting on the dining room table lynn-"wow, did you guys do this for me?"
the twins-"uh, yeah"
lynn-"aww thankyou"
she hugs them, then kisses them both on the cheek.
they both blush.
Lynn goes over and sits at the dining table. she starts eating her breakfast.the twins sit with her.
kouru-"so whats this about him being your servant?"
Lynn-'well, I found him, he was all alone, and has a nasty spell on him...the same one he put on me. I decided I'd let him be my servant"
hikouru-"but why him?"
Lynn-"he doesn't have to be paid and will work on he house while I study for school work and on a way to break his spell, but now I have to find it fr my own sake as well"
kouru-"but what was all the your hisgirlfriend busniess?"
lynn-"well, part of his spell is that who ever he is kissed by/kisses, he thinks is his girlfriend, plus it was a great coverup at school to keep everyone from making fun of the fact that hes just my servant"
hikouru-"so, you had him at school with you why???"
lynn-"thats simple, he was lonely here while I was at school so I had him work at school, by carrying all of my stuff and bringing me my lunch, and being a bodyguard" she smiles.
hikouru-"I don't understand, we're at school with you, so why couldn't we be..."
Lynn-"your not allways with me, you have a club that your devoted too, and I can't sit there and watch you flirt with other girls while I wait for you, and you can't just quit the club because you'll be letting everyone down and I'll get jumped by fan girls"
kouru-"we're sorry, we didn't know we put you through so much"
hikouru-"w-will you ever forgive us?"
Lynn-"I already have"
kouru-"hows that?"
Lynn-'i turned down all 3 marrage offers in the two days I recieved them"
hikouru-"what?! marrage offers?! "
kouru-"please fill us in before hikouru loses it"
lynn-"well, when I was at the reunion, some old friends preposed and I turned them down, then when I got home, my place was a wreck because the prince of darkness was looking for me and prince wouldn't tell him where I was, because he wanted to ask me to be his queen of darkness"
the twins-"prince of darkness??"
kouru thinks prince of darkness?? do we know...NECKOZAWA!!
kouru-"neckozawa asked you to marry him?!"
Lynn-"you got it, but I turned him down, he even tried to use the love spell against me, but I told him it wouldn't work, because of the plastic, so he left"
hikouru-"thats it! we arent leaving you by yourself anymore!! we wont lose you to anyone!"
Kisshu suddenly appears floating above them, since the living room ceiling is very high up.
Kisshu-"so I was right!! you won't come away with me because of these humans!!"
Lynn-"kisshu! not right now, I'm busy eating breakfast"
kisshu-"hmph I'll be back then"
he disapears...
kouru-"what was that about?"
lynn finishes her eggs-"Kisshu was bothering me at the reunion, madam silvia, my friend who hosted the whole thing, had him team up with her to make me go through this alice in wonderland play, making many illusions for me to go through, and trying to make me lose my memory, but that was after the ball, during the masqurade ball, apparently kisshu fell inlove with me. after the play he asked me to come with him to his people while the earth is being destroyed, and I told him no"
hikouru-"what?! why is everyone falling in love with you?!"
Lynn-"I know, rght? I asked earlier what do I have marry me written all over my back?! its getting annoying..."
hikouru-"very, lets run away and change ournames"
lynn-"sorry I can't, remember that guy who saved you from the cat?"
the twins-"uhhh...." then they remember "oh yeah! what of it?"
lynn-"he asked me to help him beat kisshu, and so I have to go meet him later about it"
the twins-"then we're coming with you!"
lynn-"no, its okay, I'll be fine, plus you have the host club to attend to then"
hikouru-"b-but, what if he tries something"
lynn-"it'll be okay, if he tries something, I'll have prince beat him up for me" she smiles.
kouru-"but we don't trust your servant either.."
lynn-"I'll be fine, I promise, i'll kick him out if he tries anything, and tell him go find somewhere else to live"
hikouru-"alright, well, you need to go get ready, or we'll be late for school"
she hurries o her room. the twins get up a few seconds later and go to her room
hikouru-"we'll guard your door so noone will get in"
lynn decides to get dressed without magic this time. right when shes in the middle of changing, kisshu appears.
Kisshu-"well, doesn't this bring back memories" hes behind her.
Lynn looks back at him. Lynn-"GET OUT YOU PERVERT!!"
kisshu kisses her. the twins here lynn and run in, they see kisshu kissing the half undressed lynn, who is trying to stay covered.

end chapters 22-24
next set 25-27
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 25~ first day on the job

kisshu kisses her. the twins here lynn and run in, they see kisshu kissing the half undressed lynn, who is trying to stay covered.
Kisshu-"thanks for the kiss" he disapears.
hikouru-"lynn are you okay?"
kouru-"we're going to have to stay in here with you so that something like that doesnt happen again"
Lynn blushes-"I-I'm okay"
hikouru-"lynn why are you blushing?"
kouru gets why right away-"hikouru, uhh, lets not be facing her while she changes? shes not used to changing with us in the room anymore"
hikouru starts blushing-"o-oh"
they turn around while she gets dressed. after she finishes getting dressed, they leave for school. Lynn riding with the twins and prince by himself in te other limo.
Lynn is blushng the entire way to school, and so is hikouru.
school goes by quickly, the twins go to their club woried about lynn and lynn goes to that little cafe that ryou was talking about.
Lynn takes a good look at the cafe.
Lynn-"it looks like a cake, eww, its pink"
she knocks on the door, a man with long brown hair opens the door.
man-"hello, I'm guessing your lynn"
Lynn-"yes I am, and you should change the color of this cafe, pink looks awful, but I guess if it attracts costemers, it'll be fine"
man-"I-I'm sorry you don't like it, come in"
ryou comes in from the hall -"ah, hello, is there a problem?"
man-"she doesn't like the color of the cafe, but seh said it'll be fine if it brings in costemers"
ryou-"ah lynn! I'm glad you could make it! here, let us show you around, by the way this is my friend I was talkng about. lynn, this is Keiichiro Akasaka"
Lynn-"nice to meet you keiichiro"
Keiichiro-"nice to meet you too"
They show her the kitchen, the secret lair basement, the computer room next to it, upstairs, the closets, bathrooms, ryou's room, and the dressing rom for the employees.
Lynn-'so, ryou lives here and keiichiro doesnt?"
keiichiro-"thats right, I live in an aprtment nearby"
Lynn-"oh, okay"
Ryou-"alright, keiichiro, give her, her uniform"
keiichiro goes to another room, then brings back a frilly pink cafe uniform.
Lynn-"I'm sorry, but I refuse to wear that color"
ryou-"I'm sure it'll look good on you"
Lynn-"umm let me think about it, no"
keiichiro-"well, you are a witch, so couldn't you just change the color?"
ryou-"just change it to your favorite color"
lyn sighs-"fine..."
she takes the dress and hangs it up on a wall, steps back and takes out a pouch of lavendar, she sprinkles some of it over the dress and says "color change"
as the lavendar falls, the dress changes color from top to bottom, a sky blue and aquamarine color.
Lynn-"there" she smiles "I couldn't decide the shade since blue is my favorite color"
lynn uses magic to poof it on -"there, how do I look?"
ryou-"like alice in wonderland"
Lynn-"hey! you didn't have to go through wonderland, nearly forgetting your memories, trying to find the way back! hmph!"
she crosses her arms and turns, looking away from them.
keiichiro-"I think it looks cute"
Ryou-"whatever, I'm going to go do some more research, you guys can open the cafe when your done training"
Ryou leaves the room.
Lynn-"whats his problem?"
keiichiro-"nothing, hes just an egar beaver"
Lynn-"thank you for the compliment"
keiichiro-"its my pleasure"
Lynn-"this is a cafe, hes expecting me to work, alone? ha! I'll just make some servants"
Keiichiro-"I don't think thats a good idea... why don't we just try to do this without magic on the first day"
Keiichiro shows her where the cleaning supplies are, what each thing on the menu is, and which tables are which.
Lynn starts out by cleaning before they open so that its not dusty, while keiichiro makes some cakes. Ryou is leaning against the wall in the hall, and out of view, watching lynn work. he sighs.
a voice coming from behind him-"beautiful, isn't she"
voice-"well, you can't have her shes mine!"
ryou turns to see kisshu
ryou-"what are you doing here?!"

Chapter 26~ tragedy strikes

Kisshu-"same thing you are, keeping an eye on Lynn"
ryou-"get out, your not aloud in here"
kisshu-"I'm so scared, haha"
kisshu disapears.
Lynn finishes cleaning and the shop opens, Lynn has lots of fun taking orders and bringing in the food.
when the day is through and the shop closes at eight. Lynn puts her uniform in her locker after poofing her normal clothes back on her. she leaves the locker/dressing room and heads to the front room, there she meets ryou and keiichiro.
Lynn-"alright, the day is through" she stretches.
keiichiro-"not quite yet"
ryou-"don't give your hopes up yet, we still have a few things to discuss"
Lynn-"like what?"
keiichiro-"well, we have other allies, who have yet to discover their powers"
Lynn-"your expecting me, the all powerful lynn, to find a bunch of amatuer heroes and bring them back here to help us fight kisshu?!"
keiichiro-"uh...yeah, that hit the nail on the head"
Lynn-"your crazy, why can't you find them yourselves?!"
ryou-"because we have to protect the base"
Lynn-"well, I have a life you know!"
ryou-"your very stubborn, for an all powerful being, you know that?"
Lynn is angry-"Well, your just as stubborn! thats it! I'm leaving!!"
Lynn stomps angrilly out the front door.
Keiichiro-"don't forget this little guy!" he runs after her and hands her a pink puffball and a cellphone
"you can contact us with these"
Lynn takes them-"what ever"
she keeps walking, she turns at the gate and walks n a different direction, halfway down the street, ryou catches up to her
ryou-"here, let me walk you home, your being watched"
Lynn-"whats with the change in attitude and the sudden ability to care?!"
the puffball starts acting up saying "alien, theres an alien"
Lynn-"alien?" she looks at ryou.
Lynn-"y-your not ryou" she says gazing into his eyes, its like his eyes are hypnotizing her. he blinks once, then twice, the third time he turns into one of kisshu's people. he has dark blue hair and beautiful blue eyes, he looks like kisshu, but a little bit more mature, hes wearing an outfit liike kisshus but in a different color, black.
Lynn's eyes start to close forcefully but slowely -"w-who are you?"
she passes out ad as she falls, the man catches her in his arms.
the puffball flies back to the cafe to get ryou and keiichiro, they run out, but by the time they turn the corner and make it half way to them, the man looks up at them, then disapears.
but its too late, they are gone.
ryou-"its all my fault, we should have escorted her home"
keiichiro-"don't beet yourself up over it, we didn't know this was going to happen"
ryou-"but I did, Kisshu appeared earlier, he was watching lynn, I should have done something besides teling him he didnt belong here, I shouldhave walked lynn home instead of getting her angry"
Keiichiro-"cheer up, maybe it ot too late, you did say she had a servant right?"
keiichiro-"maybe he'll know of a way to save her quickly with magic, so that we don't have to wait for the others to appear"
ryou-"thats a great idea, lets go" they go get in keiichiro's car and drive to lynn's place, whn they get there, they hurry to the door and her servant prince answer, they go inside and they explain to prince what has happened and ask if there is anyway to save her quickly. but since prince is only an amatuer ini magic he said
"I don't know, Lynn is the most powerful witch I know, she isn't god so she does make mistakes everyonce in a while, she can just about get herself out of any bind. maybe if I go look through her stuff I'll find something, be rght back"
ryou and keiichiro are nervous because of his answer. moments later prince comes back with a crystal ball
knight-"I havn't seen this before, she must have gotten it at the reunion, maybe its for emergancies"
keiichiro-"only one way to find out I guess"
knight taps on the crystal-"hello? helo??"
the crystal starts changing color and says "this crystal will only respond to lynn"
Knight-"but thats the thing, lynn's in trouble and we need help"
then the crystal ball says-"really?"
knight-"why would her servant be using this crystal ball if she wasn't in danger?"
crystalball-"good point, Jereth is on his way"
everyone thinks whos jereth?
Mist started to fill the air, a figure started to appear in the mist.tons of glitter swirled in the air. the figure was a man, he stepped out of the mist, he has blonde hair, blue sparkley cape and top, high boots.
he looks like royalty, but with heavy makeup.
ryou started laughing "whats up with the hair and heavy makeup?! hahaha"
jereth ignores him-"you there, lynn's servant, whats become of my fiance?!"
knight and ryou-"fiance?!"
ryou-"now why would such a beautiful young lady marry a hideous creature like you?!"
knight-"the aliens took her, we don't know where, but we need to find her soon"
ryou-"plus I heard she rejected you!"
jereth-"shut up incelent pest, your talking to the fourth greatest wizard Jereth"
keiichiro-"ryou, I'd stop talking of I were you.."
jereth-"well, I've seen her battle with the green haired one once before, but she was ust messng with him and not trying her hardest, and still beat him"
knight-"you were at the reunion?"
jereth-"not until the ball, but before that I was keeping an eye on her with my crystalball"
keiichiro-"so shes already battled kisshu..."
ryou-"but this time an alien with blue hair got her"
jereth makes a crstal bal appear and looks into it, he can see lynn.

Chapter 27~ Kisshu my love, I'll kill for you!!

The blue hair alien appears with Lynn in another dimension, one with many stone pillars floating about. He lays her down on a stone table that is in a room that doesnt appear to be floating randomly. This is his part of the demension, not kisshu or the others part, or even their leader on the expedition's part where they gather to plan, no, this is his area of this dimension. After he lays her down on the table, he goes and sits on the edge of the room, his feet hanging of the edge, hes just relaxing there as he awaits for her awakening. Lynn's eyes start to open slowely, when shes fully awake, she looks around, then sits up looking around, she spots the guy withthe blue hair.
Lynn-"who are you?"
guy-"oh, you've awoken" he turns, looking at her.
Lynn-"who are you" she says again
he stands up and turns to face her "my name is Joufu"

back with Jereth and the others. they see in the crystal ball lynn laying down on the pillar table, but then the interception breaks and the image gets fuzzy then disapears.
Jereth-"Their protective barrier is interfeiring with the connection, their leader is stronger than anticipated"
Ryou-"so not even you are powerful enough to reach her?"
Jereth-"no, I am powerful enough, I was just using a low level spell"
knight-"well, is she alright?"
jereth-"shes fine, shes just asleep, she'll wake up any minute and find a way out, the guy who abducted her only caught her by surprise"
Keiichiro-"at least it seems like everything is under control"
ryou-"but nothing is as it seems"
jereth-"all we can do right now is wait, if she doesnt comeback within the next 14 hours, then we can go get her"
ryou-"why 14?"
jereth-"because, it'll give us time to get ready or it'll be enough time for her to escape, because the different dimensions go by on a different time scale"
Keiichiro-"you learn something new everyday, I suppose"

The host club ends for the day, and the twins couldn't be more worried. They try calling Lynn's house phone, but noone answers.
knight hears the phone ring-"That must be the twins, how do we plan on keeping this from them? They might try to come over here to check on her"
ryou-"cal them back and tell them shes taking a nap, and that she'll talk to them tomarrow"
knight goes over to the phone and does just that.
the twins were worried aboutthe nap part because of their suspicions of knight
knight-'donn't worry, she loked the door to her room"

Joufu-"Your very pretty and young for someone who is the third most powerful on earth"
Lynn-"ugh, your not going to ask me to marry you too are you?"
Joufu-"not at all, I'd rather have you dead, but our leader, deap blue won't let me"
Lynn-"deep blue? so then why did you bring me here?"
Joufu-"my younger sister and I have a few questions to ask you, but shes off, spying on kisshu. she'll be back any minute now"
Lynn-"spying on kisshu?she have a crush on him?"
joufu-"....i guess you can say that..."
his sister appears-"Joufu, sorry I took so long"
Joufu-"this is my sister, Rozu"
Lynn-"so, you had some questions to ask me?"
Rozu-"you captured her! good job!was it hard to get her?"
Joufu-"not realy, I caught her off guard"
rozu-"joufu, you and your cheating ways.. HAHAHAHA"
Lynn thinks okay...shes a crazy nuthouse waiting to happen
rozu-"but anyways, you there, so called powerful one, what is kisshu to you?'
Lynn thinks is she serious?! "he really isnt anything to me other than an enemy"
rozu-"good, good, How did you get him to like you then?! HMMM?! tell me of your secret ways" O.o
Lynn-"how the hell should I know? first thing I know, he hates my guts, then aftter I found out I was dancing with him at the reunion ball, get sucked into another demension, then return to find out that he likes me"
Lynn-"if you want to know what made him like me, then I think you should ask him, cuz I realy don't know"
rosu-"hmph, your no help at all" she seems to be getting furious.
joufu-"calm down rozu, I'm sure we can find out another way"
Rozu-"he'll be done with her when shes dead!" Rozu charges at lynn, her weapon, a whip with thorns appears.
joufu jumps infront of her, weilding his weapon, a sword.
joufu-"rozu!! no matter how much you want to kill her, deep blue will be mad at you, not only deep blue, but kisshu aswell!"
rosu-"kisshu..."she stops. "get her out of my sight!"
rozu turns, joufu turns to face lynn, he opens a pathway to have her go back and pushes her through it
Lynn appears at her house, its night.

end chapters 25-27
next set chapters 28-30
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 28~ Here's the plan

Lynn, walks up the steps to her house, then opens the door and walks inside, closing the door behind her.
she sees the guys all crouded around her living room.
Lynn-"oh, hey guys, whats up"
they look over at her.
all of them-"your back!"
Lynn sees jereth-"Jereth!! what are you doing here?" she says as she walks over to him, then gives him a hug.
Jereth-"well, your servant called me and said you were in need of some help"
Lynn-"not at all, one of them did try to attack me, but the one who brought me there stopped her"
Lynn takes a seat. she sees ryou her expression seems to change -.- -"ryou what brings you here" she says in a rather pisseed off tone.
Keiichiro-"you forget your alien tracker" he hands her the pink fluffball
Lynn-"if thats all, then you should be on your way now" she pushes them out the front door, then closes the door.
she takes a seat in the livingroom again.
Jereth-"I guess its about time I left too, till next time"
Lynn-"see ya"
jereth disapears.
the night goes by and the next day, lynn heads off to school with knight.
in homeroom, She tell the twins about how much fun she had and how much of a jerk her boss is. Then, the teacher announces a new transfer student.
teacher-"we have two new students today, they are brother and sister"
a girl walks in the class, shes wearing the yellow girls uniform, and has long bright blue hair, then a boy walks in with a darker shade of blue hair, hes wearing the boys uniorm.
teacher-"please welcome to our class Rozu and Joufu -"
Rozu interupts and says-"its a pleasure to meet you all"
Joufu-"don't bother announcing our last names" he says to the teacher.
Lyn is shocked to see those two of all people to enrole in her school.
she turns around and whispers to knight-"those are the two I met last night"
knight whispers back-"what?! they must be up to something..."
Lynn-"maybe... after class I'll report to keiichiro"
hikouru and kouru look at lynn then back to the new kids then back to lynn who was know talking to knight in in whispers. they were quite cnnfused why she was shocked and why she wasnt saying anything to them.
Then, rozu sat behind hikouru and joufu behind kouru, on both sides of knight. lynn and knight stop talking to watch them walk by.
something was going on, and the twins could tell.
Rozu gave lynn an evil glare, lynn glared right back.
soon lunch came around, the twins wanted to eat lunch with lynn, but when they went to ask her, rozu came up to them and tried to start up a conversation, the wins not listening were watching lynn head out the door thats at the back of the classroom without them. (classrooms have two doors both on the same wall, at the front and back of the classroom)
hikouru and kouru-"excuse me" they said and went past her trying to catch up with lynn. they got out to the hall way, but lynn had disapeared among the croud of students heading to lunch. Lynnn on the other hand, went, instead of to lunch, to the garden, where the tree was that she had fallen aseep in so long ago (read ch....2..i think)
she climbs the tree, to her favorite spot, then she pulled out the cellphone thet the fluffball was pretending to be a keychain on.
Lynn-"no no no, this wont due, your an ugly color, and you don't have a name now do you?"
Lynn sighs, she changes the fluffball's color from pink to a bright blue.
Lynn-", whhat to name you? its very cleache to name you after your love's last name...I know!, I could name you house! alright ie that is your name!"
flufball-"ie ie ie " it sys, smiling.
lynn-"either your saying no or your aying your name over and over again" she smiles.
she opens the phone-"now, back to busniess" she starts typing in the numbers. an upside down head comes from the tree branches above her. its kisshu.
Lynn looks up from her phone and sees him. she is a bit surprised and jumps a bit, almost falling out of the tree.
lynn-"what are you doing here kisshu?"
kisshu-"I was about to ask you that....could it be you have come to search for me to tell me that you have accepted my offer?"
lynn-"not in your life time... no, I came out here to contact ryou about a disterbance. I'm guessing you have something to do with it?"
kisshu-"what kind of disterbance?"
lynn-"oh, you don't know? I'd expect that you'd know if your own comrads joined my class"
he drops from the branch above and sits on the same branch as lynn.
kisshu- "I'm supposed to be the onlyone causing a disterbance right now, why would deep blue send out the others without telling me?"
lynn-"I don't know, but rozu and joufu and quite annoying, rozu already tried to kill me bcause she wants to get me out of the picture so that she can-"
lynn was cut off by kisshu-"Rozu tried to kill you?! so you've met rozu and joufu, no wonder they're causing a disterbance. they don't follow orders and do what ever theey please, I'm going to go give rozu a piece of my mind"
he stands up.Lynn grabs a pieece of his clothing.
Lynn-"BAKA (idiot/stupid), you don't interrupt me then try to go do something inapropiate!"
kisshu-"oh" he sits back down "I'm sorry, please go on"
Lynn-"okay, where was I.. oh yeah, rozu wants to get me out of the picture because she loves you and wants to be with you. I don't know what they're planning, but its obvious she's out to get me."
she redials the number, since she had accidently closed the phone when she got spooked.

the twins notaced that lynn wasnt at lunch and that knight was getting two lunches, obviously one for her and one for him. so they go over to him and consult him as he step out of line with two lunches.
hikouru-"hey tashi, wheres lynn."
knight-"you can call me knight, tashi sounds weird."
kouru-"fine, knight, wheres lynn.'
knight-"she should be back in the classroom by now..."
hikouru-"they wouldn't we have seen her on our way here?"
knight-"no, because she had some busniess to take care of in the garden."
the twins together-"what kind of busniess..."
knight-"thats classified, now if you'll excuse me, I have to go bring this to her before it gets cold and the dessert melts"
rozu tries again -"hi, I'm rozu, would you like to sit with me during lunch?"
the twins-"not right now we're busy."
they leave to go to the classroom, knight had gotten there before them and lyn was nowhere to be found....actually she was still in the garden.
Lynn-"hey keiichiro, rozu and joufu have entered my school, they are now class mates. they were the ones that kidnapped me yesterday."
kisshu-"they kidnapped you?!"
lynn-"shush im on the phone"
keiichiro-"alright, be on your guard, try to follow the school rules, if something happens, do what you think is right in the situation. if you don't want your powers to be exposed, then don't fight, just run and maybe try to luer them out to a place where you can fight."
lynn-"alright, ill talk to you later, okay, byebye"
kisshu-"lynn, I'm sorry I got you into this, if you come with me, all of this will go away."
lynn-"no, its okay, I forgive you, frankly I was quite bored until you came along, thank you"
kisshu blushes -"I..uhh..your welcome"
lynn smiles. al of the sudden it starts pouring down rain.
Lynn-"what the hell! damit weather! it wasn;t supposed to rain today!!" she jumps out of the tree
-"you might want to get out of the rain too!" she yells at kisshu whos looking at her as they both get soaked.
lynn runs inside. then walks down the hall. kisshu appears behind her.
Lynn-"you should stay here, so you can talk to rizu."
he leans against the wall and watches her walk down to her class.

Chapter 29~ Plan backfired

Rozu really wanted to get the twins attention, so she had followed them to the classroom. after the twins had already sat down and talked to knight about lynn being on her way, rozu walks in.
rozu-"I have been trying to talk to you for a while now! if you don't listen to what I have to say, Lynn will die!!"
hikouru stands up-"what?!"
kouru-"whats going on?"
rozu-"heh, now you listen to me. lynn's not in a dangerous situation...yet... you see, shes a threat, and if I don't do something to keep her from being a thrat I WILL KILL HER"
hikouru walks over and grabs her by the shoulders. -"I won't let you kill lynn!"
kouru stands up.
rozu-"I'm guessing your the twin who lynn loves, if you don't cooperate, I will kill her."
it starts to rain outside.
hikouru-"I refuse to let you harm lynn"
rozu-"you shouldn't be talking because you've already hurt her"
kouru-"what are you saying? he hasn't done anything to harm her!"
rozu-"shes coming..."
hikouru looks at the door. he can now hear her foot steps only a few more stes to the door.
Rozu kisses hikouru.

Lynn opens the door to see hikouru and rozu kissing. she realizes that she cannot fight her now or she'll risk exposing her powers to the twins. She has a shocked look on her face as shes thinking of the situation.
kouru-"Lynn! This isn't what you might think it is!"
lynn comes up with the simplist thing she can think of, running away...
kisshu sees her shocked standing infront of the door, wondering whats going on, he stops leaning on the wall and stands in th middle of the hall to see whats going on.
tears run down lynn's face. she takes off down the hall from once she came. hikouru threw rozu off of him. and starts running after lynn. kouru grabs rozu's arm.
rozu-"bye bye" she disapears and reapears in the hall, leaning against the wall watching hikouru chase after lynn.
Lynn runs into kisshu. since she was running with her eyes closed, she didnt see him there, he puts his arms around her and looks up at hikouru.
hikouru stopped halfway between the door and kisshu. rozu sees kisshu too. she runs to where hikouru is for a better view.
Rozu-"KISSHU!!! don't do it!"
the expression on kisshu's face turned into an evil grinn.
Kisshu looks down at lynn. lynn looks up to see who she ran into.
Kisshu kisses lynn.
Hikouru-"Lynn!!" he starts running to her.
Kisshu stops kissing lynn and looks up at rozu.
Kisshu-"thanks Rozu! for being the spoiled brat you are!"
Kisshu and lynn disapear. hikouru just missed them. hikouru-"Lynnn!!"
he looks back at rozu-"This is your fault! If you hadn't done that!! Lynn would still be here!"
kouru runs into the hall. hes heard every word.
Rozu starts crying-"No! this is all Lynn's fault!! if she hadn;t made Kisshu fall in love with her!! I would still have a chance with Kisshu!!"
the twins-"what?!"
hikouru-"you were just trying to get back at her?!"
kouru-"what do you mean she made him fall in love with her?"
Rozu-"I don't know, I tried asking her yesterday and all she said was that she doesn't know, that at the reunion she fought him then after the mistress tried to make her forget you and everything else, after she escaped that, and next thing she knew kisshu fell in love with her and asked her to marry him"
kouru-"she never told us any of that..."
knight walks into the hall-"you guys are idiots, she neer tells you anything bad like that because she is trying to protect you and her love for you, thats why she won't let me be with her."
the twins -"what?"
knight-"come back into the classroom, its not a good idea to cause a commotion in the hall"
the twins and rozu come back in the classroom.
knight-"I don't know why the enemy is here, but lynn might know why. so I don't see the harm in saying this"
hikouru-"whats going on"
Rozu-"I'm only here to find the reason why kishu fell in love with lynn, but after I find out, my reasoning for staying here will change and you won't find out my plan."
knight 'okay, I'll give lynn the heads up if and when she returns"
kouru-"what do you mean by that?"
knight-"well, I cannot do anything about this until 14 hours has past. because that would be enough time for her to escape on her own and for us to prepare if she doesn't escape"
hikouru-"what kind of crap is that?!"
knight-"I'm not the one who came up with that, those are the instructions King Jereth has told me incase it happened again"
hikouru-"Happen again?! you mean this happened before?! when?!"
knight-"I'll start from the reunion."
Rozu-"alright, begin."
knight-"the host doesn't really like her, but has to invite her, for some unknown reasn to me. The hostest has five favorites out of all her guests, who get special priveleges and rooms.Kisshu fought her in battle, in which she won by escaping into the maze garden. but because of that, kisshu was able to team up with the hostest and come up with a plan. during the ball, lynn danced with one of the favorites unknowingly, then King jereth entered the scene, he danced with her and asked her hand in marrage. she politely declined and then another unknown spector asked to dance with her. that unknown person was kisshu. after dancing with her he had fallen inlove with her. but it was too late, a trap door opened and lynn fell into a trap, where she was supposed to lose her memory and never return. But she had met a number of people who looked like her friends and loved ones. but she didnt know who they were, until she spent the night with the chesshire cats who looked like you hitachiin twins."
hikouru-"us? we were the chesshire cats? how did that mae her remember?"
kouru-"and what do you mean by she fought in battle with kisshu?"
knight-"well, you know how kisshu can make small things become large and attack?"
the twins "uhh" they remember that night withthe kitty "yeah..."
knight-"well, he did that with a rose, turning it into a monster, and remember the guy with the outfit and the sword who ofered her a job at a cafe?"
the twins-"..yeah?"
knight-"he gave her a weapon to defeat the monsters with, which she had used, but it broke in battle, so thats why she had to go to work after school"
knight-"well, after she had spent the night with the chesshire cats, something occured that made her remember...the chesshire cat who was hikouru stayed with her just about the entire time she was there, and ...."
yeah, he explains the rest of what happened. notace that its half nothing that actualy happened. like she didnt get a weapon to defeat him, and that he didnt mention the witches and wizards. etc.
kouru-"why are you telling us this?"
knight-"lynn told me to tell you this, if kisshu were to ever succeed in capturing her" <-- notace she told him to tell them lies.
Rozu-"that still doesnt explain why he fell inlove with her"
kouru-"what are we going to do? shes not back and lunch is about to end"
knight-"simple, she planned this too. tell them that the black magic club had an important during school meeting that may last until late tonight"
the twins think when did she become so clever like us?
Lunch ends, the class returns, and knight tells the teacher the lie. school goes by rather slowely, rozu tells joufu about the incident. after school, knight tells the twins not to worry and work their club, and that he will go to the cafe and tell them what has happened. The twins can't help but worry during their club. They tell the others what has happened and the hosts are very wrried. so worried, they close early and head to the littl cafe lynn had talked about.

Chapter 30~ Operation getting ready

Theres a sign on the shop that says closed. they knock on the door. Keichiiro answers.
keichiiro-"oh, hello, you must be the host club knight was telling us about.-"
thikouru interrupts-"shut up and let us in" the hosts rush in past him.
kyoya-"I'm very sorry, please excuse the twins, the are very rude when it comes to something that bothers them."
Keichiiro-"no, its okay, please everyone take a seat."
they all take a seat.
honey-"ahhh, what a pretty cafe!! do you happen to have any cakes here??"
keichiiro-"actually we do, i'm making up new ones all the time, here , I'll give you a menu"
he quickly gets honey sempai a menu. then goes and gets ryou and knight.
Ryou-"alright, so lynn has been captured again. last time it was rozu and joufu who captured her for questioning. but now, kisshu has gotten her. we have about 11 hours until we can act. are there any questions?"
kouru-"is there anything we can do to help?"
Ryou-"actually there is. there are 4 others who have yet to discover that they have special powers to defeat kisshu and his people"
kyoya-"and you expect us to find them in the next 10 hours so that they can rescue lynn?"
ryou-"yeah, how'd you know"
kyoya-"wild guess"
hikouru-"how are we supposed to find them?"
keichiiro-"with this" he opens his hand and a mini pink fluffball turns to a bigger one.
ryou-"this is a copy of the one lynn wasgiven, only hers is blue. This fluffball can track the others."
tamaki-"I see I see"
kyoya-"and how are we spposed to find them when there are over 100 thousand people in japan.?"
keichiiro-"well, the 4 others are actually in the rural area. so it should only take maybe 2 or 3 hours unless they left the country, which I highly doubt that"
kyoya-"if you know who they are, why don't you just tell us their name and we'll find them."
ryou-"fine, take the fun out of it. "
kyoya-"we are in no situation to be having fun right now"
keichiiro goes and gets a list of the names.
hikouru looks at the list-"why are they all middle schoolers?what the hel can middle schoolers do?"
ryou-"your displeased?"
hikouru-"hell yeah I'm displeased, why does lynn have to work with a bunch of midde schoolers?! what are you guys pedifiles?!"
Ryous a lil ticked -"well then why don't you go instead?! "
kouru-"so your saying you can turn us into super heros"
ryou-"I don't think it'll work, because it only works on girls"
kyoya-"let me guess, you've already tested it on yourself"
keichiiro-"he did, and it doesnt work"
ryou-"fine, if you don't want to help, then we'll just get that jereth guy to help"
honey-"isn't jereth that guy that preposed to lynn?"
the twins-"we'll help but we won't let that guy help"
they said with an irritated look on their faces.
knight-"I forgot to mention, she might not come back this time, because I notaced that she forgot to put the plastic on her lips before she left for school"


end chapter 30
next set chapters 31-33
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 31~ Where are you hiding?

hours earlier...
kisshu and lyn dissapear and reapear in an alternate dimmension. One where there is a beautiful plain, a tyedye easter sky, colored in pink, yellow,orange and purple. Theres a small white house with a bright blue roof. it looks to be about as big as a shed, only with a second story, but the inside is enormous.
Kisshu and lynn appear inthe field only but a few yards from the house.
Kisshu-"Lynn, do you like it?"
Lynn turns and sees the new area that they are in
Lynn-"its beautiful" she smiles
Kisshu-"no one will ever bother us here" he puts his arms around her
Kisshu-"here, let me show you inside" he takes her hand and brings her inside.
all of the rooms are empty and colorless. therefore more room to decorate and put things in.
Kisshu-"what do you think? do you like it??"
Lynn-"I love it" she smiles.
he hugs her -"I'm so glad, I was hoping you'd like it"
he stops hugging her and puts his hands on her shoulders -"Lynn, I love you, do you love me?"
Lynn-"of course I love you silly" she smiles.

the twins-"WHAT?!?!"
theres a knock at the door. everyone looks at the door. knight goes to answer it.
he opens the door and rozu barges in with joufu.
Rozu-"hes not at our base, hes in another dimension, one that he created"
the pink fluffball starts freaking out. -'ie ie ie"
ryou-"no no no?? what??"
keichiiro-"I think its found house and lynn"
hikouru and kouru-"oh wow thats original, who named it house?"
keichiiro-"do you mind shutting up, its picked up on house's signal and is transmitting an image"
the pink fluffball's eyes ad mouth open and light emits from it, making like a screen projector. letting them see what house sees.
they see the field, the sky and the house, then kisshu and lynn going inside the house.
everyone else thinks lynn and rozu and joufu think kishu.
house goes in after them and tours the house secretly. then sees kisshu and lynn talking about the house. they see them hug then
house quickly floats away and hides.
kouru-"where is he going?!"
they see kisshu, kisshu grabs house looks into his eyes and says
kisshu-"What are you doing here? spying on us are you? well"
he smirks-"I refuse to give her up, shes mine now. " the image gets fuzzy, kisshu had interrupted the signal, they have lost

chapter 32~ Everyone's out to get you.

kisshu holds house by the tail -"your a little pest"
lynn walks into the room-"kisshu what are you doing with ie?"
kisshu-"this little bugger is in the way, we can't have our new pet try to put you in danger, now can we?"
Lyn walks over, bends over a bit, getting her face in ie's , wagging her finger.
lynn-"bad ie, thats a no no. no treats for you today!"
ie pouts.
Lynn straightens up again. and sighs.
Lynn-"ie, what are we going to do with you?"
kisshu-"oh, its nothing"
Lynn turns around and starts walking to the door, she andhangs onto the edge of the wall.
lynn-"I'm gunna get started on the bedroom" she smiles. then turns the corner.
kisshu saddly smiles, then turns and goes out the front door. he disapears.

Kissshu reapears at his base to recieve command from the leader deep blue.
Kisshu-"what is it deep blue"
Deep blue-" you must let them take her back"
kisshu-"But why! shes mine!!!"
deep blue-"because it is still too early to take over, we can't take over with her in the way, but having her captive, shes out of the way.
it is still too soon for us to be taking over"
Kisshu-"I don't see why I have to let her go! it doesn't matter if shes in the way or not"
deep blue-"foolish kisshu! she is stronger than you by far. she is almost as strong as me! though we need her out of the way to take
this planet back, I decline your pleas to keep her safe from the fight."
kisshu is angry. -"fine! why don't you show yourself and prove your worthy?! I'm not even sure your a real savior!"
deep blue-" Fool! get out of my sight before I kill you!"
kisshu disapears and reapears in his sanctuary with lynn.

Rozu and hikouru-" I won't let him get away with this!!"
Rozu-"are you up for it?"
hikouru-"I don't trust you, but I'll get lynn"
Rozu-"why don't you just let me joufu handle it?"
joufu-"if you wish to come with us that badly, rozu will keep kisshu distracted and I'll escort you and her safetly"

Kisshu walks into the room that lynn was fixing up. it was almost finished, there was a bed a nightstand and everything. she used her
magic to make these things appear.
Lynn turns and faces him-"Kisshu, where did you go?"
Kisshu-"lynn...I had to go talk to deep blue..."
lynn-"yeah? wha'd he say?"
kisshu-"Lynn, I don't care what he had to say, lets run away together!'
Lynn-"I thought we already did"
Kisshu-"not really, because everyone nows where we are..."
Lynn-"Kisshu... this is the first time I've seen a different side of you. I love how happy you are, but, you should know by now, I am able
to overcome such a pity curse laid apon me"
Kisshu-"no!" he says under his breath very surprised.
Lynn raise her arm and points at him -"I let you live, but you have caused a great deal of trouble for me, I know that this was for your
own selfish desires.-" she stops, lows her arm and looks off in another direction, her head tilted up and to the side. she then says
"someones coming, play along, understand?"
Kisshu-"lynn... I'm sorry"
Lynn-"what" she looks at him. he trys a lighting attack on her. hes caughten her by surprise. the attack makes her pass out. he
catches her as she falls. carrys her wedding style, down the hall to infront of the stairs.
kisshu-"I don't want anyone else to have you."

Chapter 33~ Gotcha! try and escape now!

Rozu, joufu and hikouru disapear and reapear in kisshu's little made up dimension, they run inside. right when hikouru gets to the
bottom of the stairs, he sees kisshu come from around the corner and stop infront of the stairs.
Kisshu-"I don't want anyone else to have you"
joufu disapears and reapears behind kisshu and hits a pressure point, knocking kisshu out.
kisshu's eyes widen, then close. he starts to fall, first to his knees, then backwardsa little bit. holding lynn the entire time.
hikouru runs up the steps and gets lynn. he takes her out of kisshu's arms. he holds her close. joufu watches, rozu disapears then
reapears beside kisshu. she holds him in her arms and disapears.
joufu-"ready to go?"
they disapear and reapear in the cafe.
then joufu disapears.
Everyone-"Lynn!! are you okay?"
Hikouru-"Lynn, Lynn please wake up"
keiichiro and kyoya ggo over to see how lynn's doing. They check her pulse and examine her arm which had a slight burn mark on it.
Kyoya-"well, shes still alive"
Keiichiro-"She passed out due to a shock from lighting. My guess is that Kisshu caught her by surprise and shot a bolt of lighting at her."
Tamaki-"Hikouru, just what happened when you got there"
hikouru explains what happened. that when they got there, they found that kisshu had lyn in his arms and either was about to leave or throw lynn down the stairs, but it was most likely him trying to escape with her.
Keiichiro-"In anycase it'd be best if she'd lay down for a while until she wakes up"
Ryou-"There's a bed upstairs, we can put her there while we wait"
hikouru brings her upstairs with keichiro, kouru followed, along with kyoya and tamaki. mori and honey stayed downstairs to eat cake.
Ryou went to the computer room and proccess what ie last saw, because ie was so frightened when they returned, he quickly hid behind ryou before anyone would know that he was there.
Ryou plugs ie up to the computer and replays what happened. He sees Lynn's icy glare and her ever last words to kisshu before he shocked her, then him carrying her away.
Ryou-"Lynn, so thats what happened. He was going to take you away and you wouldn't let him. you over came the spell put on you by your servant, but he didnt do as you commanded and had caughten you by surprise"
Ryou think to himself what exactly happened before this!\he rewinds to befor she had been captured. and sees that she was getting along with kisshu if only for a moment, then seeing how she had put up a scene if only for a moment, then was captured by kisshu.
Ryou-"so she was kind to him to get information about the ones who captured her, but when she went back to talkwith her servant..i'm going to have to ask her about this, I know she could have killed her at that moment, but because shes keeping her secret, I have to find out what her point of view is."
he turns off everything, leaving ie in there, then goes upstairs to the bedroom.

Previously, while ryou was doing all that, hikouru set lynn down on the bed. Him adn kouru sat next to the bed on the floor, kyoya leaned against the wall, tamaki sat in the computer chair and keiichiro went down stairs to make more cakes. They started to discuss what had happened before she was captured.
hikouru-"The new girl forcefully kissed me when lynn walked in."
kouru-"Lynn took it the wrong way, started crying, and ran."
hikouru-"Then she ran into kisshu's arms, thats when that newgirl ran out after and yelled his name, I think shes associated with kisshu"
kouru-"she has to be, because after you ran out, I grabbed her arm and she disapeared. just like how kisshu disapears"
Ryou walks in-"so how is she, she still asleep?"
hikouru-"yeah, shes still asleep"
kouru-"why do you have a bed here?"
ryou-"because I live here"
Lynn quickly sits up and says-"Kisshu!"
every one looks at lynn. Lynn looks around the room.
Lynn-"where am I? and wheres kisshu??"
hikouru-"thats right! I forgot" he turns to everyone else-"kisshu used that spell that was put on her before taking her away!"
everyone was shocked to hear this, other than ryou, who pretended to be shocked.
Lynn-"wheres Kisshu?!!!"
she says louder this time.
no matter how much everyone in the room, except tamaki, wanted to kiss lynn. hikouru was the one who had to do it.
hikouru-"Lynn, why do you care where kisshu is?"
Lynn-"thats none of your busniess!!"
hikouru-"what happened before you passed out?"
Ryou-"kisshu was trying to take her away, to a secluded place where noone would find them."
they all look at ryou
kouru-"how do you know this?"
Ryou-"I looked in ie's database to find that he had been watching what happened. kisshu tried to take her away, but she didnt want to leave, so he caught her by surprise, using his lightning attack on her, making her pass out."
kyoya-"lightning can damage brain activity, so don't be surprised if she has forgotten any of us"
hikouru looks back at lynn-"Lynn.."
hikouru-"please tell me you remembered to wear the plastic on your lips today"
lynn touches her lips, theres no plastic there.
Lynn-"there isn't any plastic on my lips, what are you talking about?!"
hikouru stands up then sits on the bed.
hikouru-"Lynn please don't forget.."
Lynn-"forget what?"
he kisses her.
a tear goes down her face, when he stops kissing her, she says-"I'm sorry, this wasn't supposed to happen. If I would have been watching where I was going, kisshu wuldn't have been able to abduct me"
hikouru hugs her. "its okay now."
Ryou-"now that lynn's awake, how about you all get out of my room"
kyoya and tamaki leave first, then kouru, then hikouru and lynn.
but as lyn started to leave the room,
Lynn stopped, hikouru, was holding her hand and was infront of her, so he wondered why she stopped.
Lynn-"hikouru, go on, I need to talk to ryou about something"
hikouru-"then i'll stay with you"
lynn-"no, you need to go on ahead, I'll catch up with you in a bit"
hikouru-"lynn, I won't leave you again"
Lynn-"hikouru, I understand, but this doesnt concern you, and I don't want you to get involved, so please."

end chapters 31-33
next set 34-36
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
« Reply #13 on: October 11, 2009, 09:16:56 am »
chapter 34~ why won't he kill me??

hikouru-"then i'll stay with you"
lynn-"no, you need to go on ahead, I'll catch up with you in a bit"
hikouru-"lynn, I won't leave you again"
Lynn-"hikouru, I understand, but this doesnt concern you, and I don't want you to get involved, so please."
hikouru-"fine, but if he tries anything I want you to scream, and I'll be here in a snap"
Lynn-"okay okay, I understand"
hikouru leaves and goes don stairs with the others.
Lynn goes back in ryou's room, ryou closes the door.
lynn-"now then, what is it ryou"
Ryou-"I must know, what was going through your head when you saw rozu kissing one of the twins."
Lynn-"well, if you must know, I wanted to kick her arse, but since I'm hiding my powers from the twins and everyone at ouran high, I came up with the simplist way of keeping my secret, by simply running away."
Lynn walks to the center of the room and turns to face ryou, who is still standing by the door, leaning against the wall.
Lynn-"I just added the tear to make it look real, since they think I'm an innocent fagile girl. but how was i supposed to know kisshu stopped leaning against the wall. since I was running withmy eyes closed"
Ryou-"You never told us you could overcome the spell put on you by your servant"
Lynn-"by the way, how did you know that there was a spell on me?"
Ryou-"I was there when that prince of darkness fellow tried to use it against you and you said you had plastic on which made it ineffective"
Lynn-"oh yeah!!"
he takes her by the hands, making them both stand upright, and making her close to him, "wont you be mine?"
lynn-"no neckozawa, now get off"
neckozawa-"oh come on, don't think for a second I forgot about the curse knight put on you"
Lynn-"and don't you think for a second that I can't cancel its affect or even remove it"
neckozawa-"tsk tsk, oh well, maybe next time then, aravour"
neckozawa leaves with his servants.
ryou-"what was that all about? having marital prooblems? you don't even look like your old enough to get married"
lynn-"forget it, I'm not, and I'm not ready to be married, i still have alot of things i need to do before I can decide that as well"
ryou-"I'm sorry,I don't think a true gentleman, would bother you so much as to ask you to marry him on such short notace"
Lynn-"yeah, your right"

Lynn-"no, I'm pretty sure I said something about being able to..."
Ryou-"maybe I just forgot, oh well."
Lynn-"was there anything else?"
Ryou-"What do you think of kisshu?"
Lynn-"hes the enemy, what elseam I supposed to think?"
Ryou-'well, you did tell him something about how you like the happy side of him"
Lynn-"well yeah, wouldnt you like to see you enemy be happy for something other than going through with their taing over the world plans?'
ryou-'I guess..I don't know, I've never gotten to experience that"
Lynn-"someday I hope you will" she smiles.
ryou-"you threatened to kill kisshu, why didnt you?"
lynn-"I don't know, I guess that would ruin the fun of having an enemy that suddenly has a crush on you. either that or I'd have more trouble from rozu" her happy face turns into a i don't want to deal with her glare.
ryou-"tell me I want to know what exactly happened when you were abducted by rozu and joufu"
Lynn-"joufu had disguised himself as you and tried to pretend to walk me home. but I could tell he wasn't you, I think his eyes have somesort of hypnotic power, because he got me to stare into his eyes and I fainted"
ryou-"he disguised himself as me? go on"
Lynn-"yeah, he said he wanted to kill me, but he couldn't because of deep blue's orders, I don't understand that though"
ryou-"what do you mean?"
Lynn-"kisshu told me that rozu and joufu never follow deep blue's orders, and yet, when rozu went to attack me, joufu protected me."
Ryou-"thats odd" thinking why would he protect her, and why would he disguise himself as me? what was he trying to do??
Lynn-"I think hes just trying to protect his sister, I think he cares dearly for her, because I do remember him telling her what would kisshu think of you if you killed her."
Ryou-"That could be it, because if she killed you, kisshu would get upset with her most likely.'
Lynn-"and he didnt try to kill me when he went to save kisshu with rozu"
Ryou-"you'd better go catch up with the others before they start to worry"
Lynn-"good idea, I'll see you later"
she leaves nd goes down stairs.
Ryou thinks to himself-"what is wrong with me, am I starting to like her??"

Lynn enters the room-"hey, sorry it took so long, I had something important to discuss with ryou"
hikouru and kouru hug her from both side (her left and her right)
the twins-"he didnt try anything did he?"
lyn-"not at all, we were just talking about kisshu, rozu, and joufu"

a few days pass ad nothing exciting happens. Ryou starts to go through someboxes to look for something that could be useful to them. one day, he finds something intresting.

Chapter 35~ you are now a host!

Ryou-"what do we have here?"
he takes out a box that looks like it used to contain a hand ful of ribbon necklaces with specific emblems on the front of them. but now it only has one, a blue ribbon with an emblem of a bell on it.
Ryou-"I don't know what I'm going to do with this, theres nothing that says what it is or does, maybe it dosn't do anything?"
he put it down on the counter as he walks into the kitchen to get something to drink.
Ryou-"maybe lynn'll like it?" he gets a creme soda, then heads back to the back room where the boxes were.

Lynn's at school, its about lunch time.
Lynn-"so, rozu, what happened when you left with kisshu?"
Rozu-"thats none of your busniess"
Lynn-"on the contrair, it is my busniess, but if you don't tell me thats fine, I'm sure kisshu would tell me"
Rozu gets a bit furious-"fine!just so long as you don't go talking to kisshu"
lynn-'alright, only if you tell me"
rozu-"wel, when we got back, we layed him down in his bed and when he woke up, he was really mad that we let them take you instead of bringing you with us...then he ran away..I don't know where he went..."
Lynn-"let me guess, so you've been looking for him the past few days and thats whyyou havn't been at school?"
rozu looks down at her desk, then nods a little bit.
Lynn tries her hardest not to laugh.
Rozu-"wel, what about you?"
lynn-"nothing much, you know, just wakin up to the host club, getting kissed by hikouru, talking to ryou about you, then the everyday going to school kinda stuff"
rozu-"yeah? what about us?"
lynn-"oh nothing much, just stuff like why you didn't kill me and how we think your brother has it in for you"
rozu-"what?!" she gets flustered
lynn giggles. -"well, you did have a chance to kill me when you went to save kisshu, but i guess you didnt for kisshu's sake"
the bell rings
Lynn-"oh well, its lunch time, tata for now" she escapes the situation like asap.
Lyn walks to lunch with knight/prince, the twins catch up.
lynn-"hello hikouru,kouru"
kouru-"hello lynn" he smiles she smiles back.
hikouru-"whats going on?"
Lynn-"oh nothing, just smiling"
in actuality they know something he doesnt, that kouru also loves lynn.
kouru-"so, what'cha doin after school?"
Lynn-"I'm going to the cafe again, I work there you know, I talked to the principle yesterday"
hikouru-"aww, why don't you come to the host club with us?"
Lynn-"I don't want to watch you flirt with others girls and plus I'm not a host"
there was a twinkle in the twins eyes, they hatched a plan, they then race to the lunch room where the rest of the host club are getting their meal already.
Lynn-"what the, they just left me behind!"
knight-"its okay, you still have me"
lyn-"nice try but no cigar"
hikouru and kouru quickly get their lunch then sit down at the same table as the rest of the host club.

the twins-"we have an idea!"
tamaki-"and that would be?"
the twins-"well, we think we should add a new member to our club"
tamaki-"uh huh, who would it be?"
the twins-"Lynn"
tamaki-"what?!" he does a spit take.
the twins-"what do you think?"
kyoya-"wel, I guess it would bring in more money having male guests as well"
kouru-"don't forget those lesbian guests"
tamaki-"how about we dress her as a boy and make her entertain our regular guests"
kyoya-"I guess that would work too"
hikouru-"I don't want a bunch of other guys all over her, so I guess tamaki's idea is okay"
tamaki-"its settled then, now all we need is a fake name, a disguise,and a type!"

after school...
the twins-"come onnnn, we have a surprise for you", they say as they drag lynn to the empty music room that has been dubbed the host club's room.
lynn-"noo, you're gunna make me late for my job!!"
they open the doors and bring her inside, then they close the doors and lock them, lynn is now trapped within the host club's grasp.
the twins join in their spot among the other hosts.
the hosts-"welcome to the host club"
tamaki-"today is the day that you have become a host!"
Lynn's mouth drops -"what?!"

Chapter 36~ Welcome to the team.

Tamaki-"do not let your mouth hang wide open like that, you may catch a fly"
Lynn-"hell no!"
she turns around and tries to unlock the door, she takes out a bobby pin and tinkers with the lock, she usesa small amount of magic to unlock the door unnotaced. she opens the door and runs for it.
the twins run after her."wait!"
she looks back seeing that they are gaining on her.
the twins-"watch out!"
she looks back ahead of her and runs into someone, making her and that person fall. the person? is neckozawa.
Lynn is overtop of neckozawa, her eyes tightly closed beng afraid of hitting the ground. her hands caught her fall. therefore she is over top of neckozawa. she opens her eyes.
Lynn-"neckozawa! are you okay?!"
neckozawa opens his eyes to see lynn on top of him.
he blushes slightly, looking at her position, and glanced at her chest once or twice. looks at her face
neckozawa-"I'm okay, how about you?"
neckozawa notaces that there isn't anyplastic on lynn lips he goes to kiss her, but hikouru and kouru lift lynn off of him before he could, then puts belzenef on his face. and walks away with lynn
the twins-"are you sure your okay?"
lynn-"yeah I'm sure, why wouldn't I be?"
the twins-'he just tried to kiss you!"
Lynn-"he did?"
they drag her back into the music room.

Lynn-"for the last time, I ain't gunna do it! I refuse!!"
kyoya-"come on, we havn't got all day, the guest are waiting!"
Lynn-"my guests are waiting too! I have cakes to serve!!"
tamaki-"well, we can't have our guest waiting, you'll have to come everyother day then!that means you start tomarrow!"
lynn-"not even if my life depended on it!"
Lynn uses the other door to leave, the one that noone uses and forgets is there (like the piano that noone realizes is there)
when lynn leaves, she encounters neckozawa.
lynn-"neckozawa, don't cause any trouble for me, or I won't hesitate to kill you"
neckozawa-"then your secret will be exposed, because if I die, everyone will notace and your powers will be known world wide at the press of a button"
Lynn-"you wouldn't dare, because even after your dead, I'll bring you back from the dead and make you suffer"
neckozawa-"why are you trying so hard to keep your powers a secret?"
Lynn-"that is none of your concern, but by the time you find out, it may be too late"
Lynn disapears. she reapears in the cafe, the cafe isn't open yet since their only worker wasn't there yet.
Lynn-"sorry I'm late, the twins were trying to make me a host"
she says as she passes the kitchen to go to the locker room.
she goes in the locker room and poofs on her outfit, her previous school attire into her locker.
she goes into the kitchen to talk to keiichiiro, hes not there.
Lynn-"keiichiiro? where are you?"
she finds the necklace on the counter. "oh wow! its so pretty!!! But I feel a strange aura coming from it!"
ryou walks into the kitchen. "there you are"
ryou-"I was looking for that necklace, keiichiiro was helping me find it"
lynn-"oh" she looks at it, then holds it out to him "here"
Ryou-"no, it was for you, since your finally joining the cafe, and all the hard work you've gone through so far"
lynn-"really?!" he eyes start to twinkle, shes really happy shes recieving something so pretty.
Lyn-"ooo thank you thankyou, its so pretty!" she puts it on.
lynn-"does it look pretty on me?"
ryou almost blushes-"yeah, it would go with your work outfit"
Lynn-"yay!" she hugs him "I'm so happy I could kiss you!"
ryou blushes a lil-"uhh"
lynn-"oh! but I can't forget that plastic again"
she poofs on the plastic stuff on her lips then kisses him on the cheek.
keichiiro happens to see lynn kiss ryou on the cheek and say thank you and thats it.
keiichiiro wonders whats going on.
keiichiiro sees the necklace on her-"oh I see, so you found the necklace" he says as he walks in.
lyn-"keiichiiro! thank you!" she goes over and hugs him, then kisses him on the cheek too.
ryou put his hand on his face where lynn had kissed him. Lynn twirls around the kitchen once, she stops then says -"oh! we still have to open the cafe!"
keiichiiro-"thats okay, we can take the day off today and start tommarow"
lynn stops being happy then is gloomy for a bit -"the host club is trying to make me a host...they're gunna dress me like a guy and everything, they said they'd start my training tomarrow, then I'd have to come every other day because I work here..."
ryou-"if you don't want to do it then don't go"
Lynn-"I tried, and they just dragged me back there, thats why I'm late...."
keiichiiro-"thats not right, if you don't want to do it they shouldn't make you go"
lynn-"the twins wanted me to go to keep and eye on me..."
ryou-"you can't do it anyway, because kisshu and his people are starting to become active, ad we don't have any of the other members yet"
keiichiiro-"but i think the twins did have a point, we probably shouldn't use middle schoolers"
ryou-'oh well, its too late now"
keiichiiro-"lets make this easy and use a device to summon all of them to the park across the street"
they start drawing blueprints, Lynn goes to defeat the first alien attack, but ryou stops her.
ryou-"lynn, hold on,if you don't want people to find out your a witch, when you transform to a witch, put on a different costume. it'll work, trust me."
Lynn-"what kind of costume?"
Ryou-"well, the leader of our fighting team is supposed to be a cat...but you seem more like a bunny type.." he says as he circles her.
Ryou-"why don't you just use this, ie" ie spits out a pendant with a heart and some lines, ryou takes it and hands it to lynn.
Ryou-"takes this, say mew mew power and kiss it, and your costume and minimum mewmew powers will come to you. I'm not sure f it'll work, since you weren't diagnosed with an animal DNA, so good luck"
Lynn-"here let me try it" she says "mew mew power" then kises the pendant. blue lights shine from the pendant

end chapters 34-36
next set 37-39
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Re: (my)The ULTIMATE fanstory~!
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Chapter 37~ new monster?

she says "mew mew power" then kises the pendant. blue lights shine from the pendant
the background goes light blue,her hands go above her head and white gloves appear, a light blue poofy outfit appears, alond with boots, a tail, and kitty ears...
Lynn-"what the hell am I wearing?!"
Ryou blushes slightly "its your mew mew disguise"
Lynn-"whatever, I'm going"
Lynn leaves and fights off all the monsters. Keiichiro and ryou work on a devise to sumon the other "mewmews"
Noone really wants to sit there and read about them building the device, or how after she defeats all the pethetic monsters in one hit then they disinigrate into pixels, so we'll get to the better stuff XD, like her battling kisshu's people.
Kisshu appears above and starts making stronger monsters for lyn to defeat.
Lynn defeats each one, one after another, until too many of them gather around her and start caging her in. she spots kisshu, kisshu notaces her seeing him. he disappears, then reapears beside her.
Kisshu-"I won't let you get away this time." he says, his face beside hers, coming frm behind.
Lynn turns around to face him. he jumps backwords slightly to make space between them.
Kishu, totally ignoring her-"do you like my creations?"
Lynn-"why are you doing this?"
Kisshu-"to get you to come out, what a cute little outfit your wearing kitty cat!" he circles her, she watches him while he does.
Lynn-"I heard you ran away, are you a coward?"
Kisshu dashes quickly closer to her, and grabs her neck.
Kisshu-"I'm no coward, he kisses her. Why won't you come away with me where its safe?!"
Lynn-"I'll never love you."
Kisshu sees the shiney plastic on her lips. Kisshu-"What the hell is this?!" he places his thumb on her lower lip.
she readys to attack him, he disapears and reapears in the sky
Kisshu-"thanks for the kiss! heres a little present!" he laughs maniacly, then creates a new monster, with a bird's soul, an alien and, a near by pedestrian.
then he disapears, leaving a stronger monster than the previous ones, still surrounded by the other monsters, the newer monster dives for its first attack against her.
Lynn dodges, falling on the ground, in between some other monsters.
Lynn-"crud" she says under her breath.
she makes her mew mew weapon appear "hope this'll come in handy" she says, then powering her magic through the weapon, a giant barrier forms around the monsters, all of the originals die, but the inside of the barrier has become a new battle field between her and the bird creature.
Lynn fusing her magic with her heart shaped weapon, she creates a sword.
The bird creature uses its quick agility and tries to attack lynn, Lynn goes to dodge the attack.
she trips overa root sticking out of the ground.
feeling really stupid and pathetic, she falls to the ground and yet, still dodges the attack just barrely.
she swings her sword, missing by a hair.or rather, a feather.

Ryou goes to check on lynn o the moniter and sees shes fighting a new monster, he contacts her through the pendant and asks whats going on, she replies-"I have a new opponent, kisshu created a stronger monster, fusing an alien, an animal spirit, and a human"
Ryou-"What! don't hurt it! its human"
lynn-"I havn't laid a scratch on it et, I keep tripping!"
ryou thinks-"tripping?"
lynn-"what the hell m I suposed to do then?!"
ryou-"try to consult it, maybe there is something wrong with it that allows it to be fused with the alien"
Lynn-"I'm not a therypist!"
ryou-"do you have any better ideas?"
Lyn dodges another attack. "fine I'll try it"

the bird flies high in the air again.
Lynn-"what the hell is your problem?!"
the bird yells-"Lonely parialis!"
the area around lynn gets dark, its pitch black.
Lynn-"its so dark, are you lonely? go to places you enjoy, maybe you'll find someone with a common instrest"
the bird thing attacks her. Lyn having a hard time dodging it, but then closes her eyes and listens to the movement of the bird.
the bird has stopped, where did it go?
Lynn-"where did it go?"
the darkness goes away and the bird thing is in the air, its arms wrapped around its mid section, it seems to be bound.
lynn-"Alright! haha, maybe that conversation thing really did work after all!!"
she uses the new powers given to her by ryou . the bird disinagrates and the soul of the human goes back to its body..
All of the monsters have been defeated.
Lynn sits down on the ground under a tree, shes exhasted. she dazily starts to fall asleep.

ryou and keiichiiro set up the device and the other "mewmews" arrive, they are explained the situation =.
ryou tries to contact lynn. theres no answer.

chapter 38~ new surprizes

Lynn wakes up from her nap, she notaces that everything looks rather large, as if she had somehow shrunken. she rubs her eyes and notaces that she has black fur and paws. she freaks out and runs to the nearest reflective object she could find.
she comes to a pond, she looks into the water and her reflection isn't there, wel, its not her anyways, its a cat.
an adorable little black short haired kitten with a blue laced collar with a bell on it.
Lyn thinks to herself-"The necklace!, that must be what turned me into a kitten!! but what will it take to turn me back?"
Lynn's stomach growls. Lynn thinks -"I'm hungry...I wonder where I can go to get some food...oo, I could try to catch some fish from this pond."
she doesnt see any fish, she frowns and walks away.
she walks into town and sees a the food in the bakery, she puts her paws against the glass. She frowns when she sees her reflection in the glass.

ryou goes into the computer room to see if he can track the location of her pendant that gave her extra powers.
her pendant doesnt show any signal on the screen. ryou is worried, he goes to talk to keiichiiro about it after they dismiss the girls.
Keiichiro-"maybe the necklace we gave her does the same thing it did to you when you tried to "
ryou-"stop, don't go on"
ryou starts to leave the room
ryou-"I'm gunna go look for her, she couldn't have gotten far"
ryou searches for lynn, he first goes to the park, then goes into town.
ryou thinks to himself "hmm, if i were lynn, where would i go?"
he looks around and sees a cafe. and thinks "I'm sure i would be hungry after battling"
he checks the cafe, no sign of her.

Lynn walks on, she tries to take short cuts in the allys but all she does is get lost, she comes to a dead end.
lynn-"oh great, a dead end"
she turns around and starts heading back, she accidently bumps into another cat when turning down onto annother allyway.
lynn-"oof!" she rubs her head. "I'm sorry, i should have been watching where i was going" both her and the other cat sayat the same time.
lynn opens her eyes to see what the cat looks like. its a male cat, thats a whitish gray color with black stripes.
hes thin and also somewhat young looking.
cat-"eh heh, I'm guessing you know who I am"
lynn-"not at all"
cat-"you must be new here, cuz I've never seen you round these parts"
lynn-"I guess you could say that"
cat-"eh heh I'm Smokey"
Lynn-"i'm lynn, nice to meet you smokey" she smiles
smokey -"nice to meet you to lynn, thats a strange name for a pretty kitten like you"
lynn-"you don't say..."
smokey-"here, let me show you around"
lynn-"thank you"
lynns tummy growls, she blushes slightly.
Smokey-"eh heh, getting lost is hungry work isnt it?"
smokey-"well, I know where we can get some ham, follow me"
lynn-"reallly?! ham!"
Lynn-"I love ham" ^_^ she smiles.
smokey and lynn go through the allys until they get to a shop, where a little girl comes out the back door and lays a dish of ham for passing by kittens. the little girl goes inside.
lynn and smokey go over and eat some, then he starts to show her around.
they walk down a side walk then into another ally.
they go far down this ally then take a right down another ally. another cat catches up to them.
the cat yells-"stay away from her"
then seperates them and stands infront of lynn.
smokey-"beat it pall, if you know whats good for you"
lynn-"what are you doing? he was showing me around"
the cat-"yeah, then he'll take you to some secret hideout where defensless little you will get hurt"
smokey-"I wouldn't do that to lynn!"
cat-"maybe not now, but later you would! after you get high off catnip you'd take advantage of her!"
lynn slaps him-"whats wrong with you?!"
cat-"I'm just trying to protect you"
lynn-"well, i don't need saving right now, try again later"
cat-"you should take my advice now while you still can"
he starts to leave
lynn-"hey wait, whats your name?"
cat-"its aluto" (pronounced alto)
aluto leaves.
Lynn-"what did he mean by all of that?"
Smokey-"don't get the wrong idea, but I'm the leader of the toughest gang around"
Lynn-"uh huh..."
smokey-"it doesn't make any difference that I'm the leader of the gang, I'll allways be the nice guy you met today, towards you"
lynn-"I believe you, but what did he mean about the cat nip?"
Smokey-"do you not know what cat nip is?"
lynn-"I've heard of catnip, i just don't know what it does"
Smokey-"wow, your so pure"
He explains catnip
Lynn-"so its like marijuana for humans"
smokey-"I guess you could say that"
lynn-"well then, just don;t do it around me, i don't want anything bad hapening'
Lynn looks up at the sky-"its starting to get dark, i should go"
smokey-"here, let me walk you, you don't know what kiinda perverts are out at night"
they hear a cat screach
smokey-"uh, maybe some other night, my gang's callin me, i'll see you again sometime?"
lynn-"uhh, sure"
smokey darts off around the corner -"see ya"
lynn walks away, down the street wondering where she should go. should she go home? but thats far away, should she go back to the cafe? thats pretty far too. there should be a hut in the forest, thats close by...but the forest is scary what if a dog attacks me.
she turns the corner to go down an ally, to her surprise, its another dead end.
lynn-"darn it, whats up with all these dead ends"
she turns around, theres a cat with a small hat and scarf,
cat-"hey kitten, how about we go get some cat nip"
lynn-"no thanks"
the cat gets closer, lynn steps back
the cat-"oh whats this/?" he drops a small bag of catt nip infront of him out ofhis scar
the cat-"I already brought some"
he scratches it with one swipe, opening the bag, he smells some and looks up at her
the cat-"you know you want some"
Lyn-"no actually i don't"
the cat-"common, it'll be fun"
aluto come from around the corner -"leave her alone!"
the cat looks back-"and what are you? some sort of hero"
aluto-"no, but today i am"
he runs over, jumps over the cat, lands infront of lyn and turns around.
aluto-"I can take you!"
the cat-"oh this should be fun, and when im done with this wuss, i can have some fun with the pretty kitten"
lynn-"shut up already"
aluto scratches the cat, the cat scratches back, then hits aluto, sending him flying to aluto's right, making aluto hit the wall.
the cat gets closer to lynn-"lets make kittens kitten"
lynn-"bite your toungue!"
the cat-"fisty little kitten now aren't you?'
aluto gets up and rams into the cat, sending him flying to the opposite wall, the cat hits the wall harder than aluto did, the cat passes out.
lynn-"thankyou aluto" she kisses him.
she returns to human form, aluto is nowhere to be found.
she picks up the cat-"your a naughty little kitty now aren't you"
she wags her finger at him, then opens the nearest trashcan and drops him in it.

Chapter 39~ boring filler

Lynn disapears and reapears in her home.
ryou returns to the cafe.
keiichiiro-"did you find her?"
ryou-"yeah, turms out that, when she wears that necklace, if she kisses anyone, she'll turn into a kitten"

back wth lynn...
lynn sits in a chair
lynn-"ugh, i'm still in my uniform, I can't believe i left my clothes at work"
she poofs them from the locker to her hand. then goes to her room and changes clothes.
she takes off the necklace and puts it with her work clothes on her dresser.
Lynn-"I'll have to take those to work tomarrow"
she leaves her room and goes to the kitchen to search for food.
she gets a glass of milk then heads for bed.

the next day, at school, lynn's class decides to have a play.
the twins-"thats a wonderful idea, we should put on a play!"
head chair womann-"oh but what kind of play?"
one of the girls-"one with romance"
one of the boys-"one with action"
a girl-"I've written a play with all that and more in it, if it would be okay to use it?"
the head chair woman takes the script and skims through it, closes it then says-"ITS PERFECT! it combines fairy tales with reality, it hase romance, action,drama, its outstanding!"
the chairman-"well, whats it called?'/
the girl-"just another fairytale"
the twins-"thats a boring title, lets spice it up a bit"
the girl-"oh"
the twins-"how about The fairytale adventure!"

rozu-"whats the big deal, its just a play?"
lynn-"rozu, plays are amazing, you get to be a character thats not like you and have the spotlight on you, then your the star"
rozu thinks to herself that this would be the perfect oportunity to start her devious plot...

the chair man-"now its time to choose the people to play as our main characters."
rozu whispers something to joufu.
then stands up and says-"I think we should make joufu the prince!"
another girl-"no, hikouru and kouru should be the prince!"
rozu-"that wouldn't be fair! we can't have two princes"
kouru-"then I nominate hikouru"
rozu-"how about we change it up a bit, I'm guessing the twins are allways prince, why not a change for once?"
the chairman -"then we'll have a vote"
rozu-"that wouldn't be fair because I'm sure everyone would choose hikouru, well at least the girls that attend the host club"
the boys in the class start talking amoungst themselves, them being jelous of the host club for winning the hearts of the girls they have crushes on.
a boy stands up-"I'm with rozu, i don't think hitachiin-sama should be the prince"
a few others stand and agree.
the chairwoman-"put your vote in the box!" then waves her hand to where the box is.
everyone puts in a vote.

the chairwoman-"now to vote for the princess!"
the chairman-"any nominees?"
knight, and the twins say at the same time" I nominate lynn"
So, noone wants to read the rest of the chapter about an election, sooooooo.

the twins drag lynn to the host club
lynn-"nuuuuuu, let me go!"
twins-"but we agreed to have you come"
lynn-"I agreed to nothing!"
the twins open the doors.the twins-"hey boss, we're gunna need the next couple of weeks off, our class is putting on as play"
tamaki-"what?! but what about lynn's training?!"
the twins-"that can wait, we have to go see whos got what part now, see ya"
they turn around and drag lynn to their classroom.

when they get there, they are handed their scripts and told their position.

end chapters 37-39
next set 40-42
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