Mamoru-kun Ni Megami No Shukufuku Wo!

Mamoru-kun Ni Megami No Shukufuku Wo!

Yoshimura Mamoru was accepted into a school for Beatrices due to his high intellect. \"Beatrice\" are people who have special abilities. On his first day, he meets Ayako Takasu, aka the Beatrice\'s Angel of Death, a pretty and popular female student who has exceptional Beatrice abilities. During their first encounter, Ayako, who\'s usually a cold person and is regarded as somewhat of a loner, suddenly confesses her feelings for Mamoru. After Mamoru becomes inducted into the Student Council as Ayako\'s aid, he becomes involved in the dangers and mysteries of the Beatrices.

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Date Added: Jun 26, 2012

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Status: Completed

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