Video Girl Ai

Video Girl Ai
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It's about Moteuchi Youta, who most of the time mistaken to be called Motenai/Unpopular/Dateless because of the kanji in his surname. He just recently became very sad after he found out the girl he likes is in love with his best friend. Going home broken hearted, he suddenly noticed a new video rental store named Gokuraku (Paradise in English). It is said that only people with pure heart can see that video rental store. In there he rented a VHS idol video of Amano Ai. As he went home and watched the VHS he rented, to his surprise, the girl in the video came to life - but because his VHS player just recently got mental, there are some things that he didn't expected with the personality of Ai. (Taken from Skewed Studios)

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Date Added: Jun 26, 2012

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